So I was out with my Galloway group this morning and we had breakfast together afterwards. I think I'm the only Primal/Paleo person in the group (except my friend, Laura, who does Paleo off and on). Anyway, two of the more seasoned marathoners were concerned about me training/racing in vibrams. As of next month I'll have been barefoot for a year, and running in vibrams for 7 months, and I'll have been racing in them for a year by the time I hit my marathon in September.
Any idea why they were so concerned about my well being in vibrams for a marathon?

also when I had to check out early to pick up my beef CSA share, everyone was shocked that we ate 30 lbs of meat per month. They're all like "that would feed us for a year", and I'm like (in my head) "wth do you people eat?"