I have always been bigger, but generally a flat tummy until I got married. Went from 155 to 175 before getting pregnant with my first child. My second child is now nearly 2 and I'm getting ready to wean him. My body is looking forward to the break I'm sure as I've been pregnant/nursing since 8/07, nearly 5 years! I have succeeded so far in losing 9lbs.
I've always eaten "healthy" - whole grains, fruit/veggies, low fat, you know all the CW. Found the book Wheat Belly in January and a light went off. Just finished PB and that makes even more sense. I'm trying to be sugar free for 21 days and see how that goes. Started Tues, so nearly a week in already.
Trying to get in exercise will be a challenge for the next 6 weeks. So I'm focusing on moving more by chasing my 1 and 4 yo's. I play soccer once a week which serves as my sprints for now. It's indoor, so lots of running. Hoping to reach a healthy weight where I lose my preggo belly and like my body again. Wanting to look more toned like when I was in college and played soccer.
My husband is not on board and this is proving to be the toughest part. We're going to sit down and talk soon so hopefully that will help. We're on a tight budget for food so I need him to stop buying things like 2 tubs of potato salad. Hopefully someday he'll understand.
Starting stats:
29 yo
Goal by 30:
150lbs OR size 8 pants - my 34I (DD before kids) chest keeps me above "healthy" range weight, along with my propensity for muscle gain