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    I agree dragonmamma, my sil (vegan) is always saying, "I don't really care for vegetables." AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    As for the self-righteousness, I wasn't saying I'm better than vegans. As I said I have many vegan friends, I'm worried about them. They are sick people.

    I have never met a healthy vegan. Doesn't mean they don't exsist, I just haven't met one yet. I think that most vegan's aren't vegan's for their healthy, they are vegan because of a belief system that restricts their diet.

    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon

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    When I was vegan, I didn't feel very healthy. I regularly exercised, but I had to do it a lot more to maintain my weight. Now that I'm eating primal, I don't have to constantly do cardio to stay at my optimum weight. And I'm not all insane about eating low/no fat like I was. I wish I hadn't wasted three years of my life being vegan, even if my intentions were good (animal rights). I'm better educated about buying sustainable products now.

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    Weird. According to many reports and magazine articles over the years, the Seventh Day Adventists are the group in the USA that live the longest. Good lives, not invalids.

    Nearly all Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians. Many vegans.

    Doesn't sound that bad for them.

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    Bekandze maha bekandze

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    I can pick them out a mile away. I don't know a single 'happy' looking vegan/vegetarian. Generalizing, sure. But it's what I see.

    Living in Austin, I trip over them daily as I'm out doing my long slow walks and softball sprints to the bags!

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

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    with lacto-ovo vegetarians an animal doesn't have to be killed for the food.

    The fish eaters, on the other hand, I too don't get

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    Keep in mind, they also NEVER consume alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

    semper ad meliora

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    I've known a lot of vegetarians and vegans in my life since I used to be a hardcore punk and I worked at a natural foods store. I was vegetarian for 15 years and vegan for 8 of those. Please stop generalizing about people!

    1. There are plenty of healthy-looking and athletic vegans and veggies, including triathletes and weight-lifters. But most veggies aren't muscular because they don't give a rat's about being muscular! They don't go to the gym nor do they care about being ripped. It's something that's popular in primal circles, but not in veggies ones.

    2. Yes, there is a minority of self-righteous vegans, but the vast majority are not. I would never harass a meat-eater, but almost every person who found out that I didn't eat meat would make a snide remark. I mean this quite literally - rarely a day passed when someone didn't harass me. And when I tried to defend myself and explain my philosophy, then suddenly I was self-righteous.

    3. No self-respecting vegetarian eats fish or chicken. There might be a few idiots out there who call themselves fish-vegetarians or whatever, but you can't judge the majority on a few who are clueless. And FYI, chickens lay eggs almost every day whether or not they are fertilized, so eggs are not meat.

    4. Judge not lest ye be judged. Do you think every primal person looks perfect, ripped and fit with excellent skin and 8% body fat? Um, no, just look around the boards here and you'll find many people with the same problems as these "unhealthy" vegetarians. We're not all perfect, so stop judging other people by the way they look.

    End of rant.

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    The only experience I've had with vegans is when my hippy brother went that way for a few years. He looked like hell and started feeling like it too. He switched back to a regular diet (not PB) and came back to life. He's a baker so I think getting him to give up bread will be a tough sell, maybe when he's older. One hurdle at a time.

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    Y'all realize, right, that when you say you "see them all the time," that's completely unverified and unscientific data? What, you're stopping and verifying with everyone you see and mentally label as vegan? You're assuming that what you *think* about them is true. And that's without the corresponding assumption that all the healthy-looking people you see must not be vegan. It completely bunk scientifically.

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    I was at the OB's office the other day and a magazine called "Conceive" caught my attention. The cover said, "Give up red meat to boost fertility" and the associated article talked about eating tofu and soy products. I got pregnant after I became primal and soon after DH gave up vegetarianism. Just saying...

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