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Thread: Potatoes are BAD for you ..... because of the butter!

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    Potatoes are BAD for you ..... because of the butter!

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    Ok, I was reading an article on MSN telling me what foods are the best and worst, especially if I am trying to lose weight. On the "worst" list was the humble potato. At first I guessed they'd say it's bad for your dieting because of the high carb content. But no. There was no mention of carbs there. Their reason for it being the worst? Because it is often fried, or topped with butter or sour cream!
    So that makes the potato itself bad? I see. Besides the fact that we here don't see butter as a bad thing, their logic is seriously flawed. Let's pretend for a moment that butter IS bad. I can just as easily slather my cauliflower with butter, or drown my broccoli in cheese sauce. I can batter and deep fry my zucchini. So, by their logic, I guess I shouldn't eat cauliflower, broccoli, or zucchini either.
    The "logic" some use to give dietary advice is just astounding. No wonder Americans are all ill and malnourished.

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    That just goes to show that (CW) has too little wisdom.

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    Yes but what is annoying is how CW is touted by people that don't know where it came from or if there is any research or truth behind it! My daughter told me that my IF-ing was bad, when I asked why she said she had been taught, TAUGHT at school that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I showed her the Fast-5 book and the research backing up what I was doing and asked her to ask the same of her teachers.

    We have lost critical thinking! And is important we get it back, I am not sure if it's just pure laziness that people don't question what they are told or the governments/media etc have just bred a generation of people who 'do as they are told'. How many people just accept because they are told it is good for them? MSN and Yahoo are particularly bad at trolling out shite claiming it to be fact, would they spout old wives tales in the same manner? They may as well, because it all comes from the same book of fairy tales......

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    that's kind of a logic fail 101.

    and i had a potato with butter for lunch three days out of this week.

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