My husband and I have been studying the PB and changing our lifestyle for about 3 wks. now. Some of our friends (with big bellies, I might add) are teasing us and looking at one another in puzzled ways when they eat with us. I don't care. We ignore them, but sometimes I think they order big bowls of ice creams just to eat it in front of us and be "butts." Whatever. They also take statins.

Last night, one of these guys was with us when we took a new guy to dinner. On the way to dinner, we were chatting and he said something about losing 100 lbs! I immediately asked him how he did that and he started talking about Adkins and how so many people misunderstand the eating style. I asked how long ago did he lose that weight -- 10 years ago! He is 68 and takes no medications. Blood work is great.

I told him about PB and paleo and he said "Sure! That would work."
The fat guy with us didn't order ice cream last night! LOL ... and I feel I'm finally on the right track eating-wise!
Angels out of no where (thanks!)