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Thread: New to Primal, having some problems.

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    New to Primal, having some problems.

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    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, if not I apologize.

    I started the primal diet 6 days ago. It was suggested to me by a friend who had such amazing success I had to give it a try. I, however, am having some issues. Im hoping someone can help me find a way past these issues or help me identify why they are happening.

    So to start Ill give an example of my eating. In the mornings I have eggs+bacon and a banana or Ill make a smoothie out of coconut milk, an avacado and a bananna. For lunch Ill do a salad or if I cant prepare anything Ill eat various nuts (almond, walnut, sunflower seets ect.) For dinner Ill usually do a meat with vegie. Last night we made a quiche out of egg ham and broccoli.

    Now, Its day 6 and every day Im getting sicker and sicker and more easily fatigued. Today I found myself having to eat a half lb of cheese+turkey "sandwiches" just to feel any semblance of full. I tremble when I stand I feel so weak and Im having horrible trouble sleeping. Does this sound normal to anyone? Any information here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes, this is totally normal. The primal diet has far fewer carbohydrates than the standard diet so you are just enduring the transition into a lower carbohydrate diet. As you do this, your kidneys flush out water and with it, potassium (hence feeling dizzy when you stand) and other salts. You need to put more salt on your food and take some potassium and magnesium supplements. Get a magnesium that ends in -ate, so magnesium citrate or malate. Potassium is usually 99mg a tablet so if you find that kind, that's the right kind.
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    Sounds like carb flu...classic. Mine lasted 3 weeks the first time I went very low carbs.
    I agree with sbhikes, keep your electrolytes in check and that should help.
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    My other half had the carb flu for a about 3 weeks as well. It will pass. Good luck!

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    Don't be afraid to have some potato/sweet potato and fruits during transition as well... you don't have to eat a huge amount in order to feel better and make the transition easier....

    Right now your body is stamping it's feet and screaming like a tantrum throwing 4 year old that just got it's lollipop revoked... it's used to having excess carbs available at any and every moment, and that has suddenly stopped. Give it a small amount of good primal alternative to keep it busy while it makes the adjustment away from your old diet.
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