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Thread: Dehydrator: myth that it takes up lots of electricity?

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    Dehydrator: myth that it takes up lots of electricity?

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    I'm tempted to get one as opposed to leaving my oven on for 10 hours straight or whatever. Now that it's close to tomato season, I want to make a lot of sun-dried tomatoes. Do dehydrators really increase energy consumption by a lot?

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    When I first got my Nesco/American Harvest dehydrator a few years ago, I took all the figures, (wattage, time, electric rates) and figured that it cost about 70-cents to dry a batch of fruit or veggies. Not bad at all.

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    I calculated it cost $2 to have a 220v kiln on for a 5 hour firing.
    Dehydrator would be way less, as it is 120v and somewhere around 1000w.
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