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    Need some advice, please :)

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    Hi Everyone!

    First off, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, I wasn't sure where to put it. I have been eating primal for just over three weeks now and I love it. I feel amazing, better then I ever knew I could feel. In fact, I never knew I didn't feel good until I saw the drastic improvement in myself after eating this way even just a week or so. I have so much energy, I'm not hungry, my digestion has DRASTICALLY improved, I feel happier, clearer mentally etc. I could go on and on and I feel like I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone I know to make this change simply for the improment in well being.
    The "problem" which I don't really think is that BIG of one, is that my weight is just not coming off as quickly as I'd like it too. I've dropped 6lbs since starting, which I know is great and considering this is going to be a lifelong way of eating for me, I need to just trust the process and know it will happen, right? I think my problem is that my husband also started Paleo with me and has dropped over 20 lbs in just over 21 days. Granted he has MUCH more to lose than I do, but I'm still envious of his weight loss. Another thing is that the first week or so I was in DEEP ketosis and now I'm barely in a 'trace' and I'm so confused by this. I just want to find out how to get back into ketosis that will allow effortless weight loss and see the lbs start to drop again. My friend who has been primal sicne January thinks maybe I'm not eating enough cals and now my body is burning muscle, but I don't know about that.
    I will admit the first and second week I had about a bottle and a half of red wine total and last weekend I drank on both Friday and Saturday as well as the Paleo margaritas....I had several so I'm not perfect, but I literally haven't "cheated" food wise even once. It's not worth it to me and I know the cravings will come back. I'm not very hungry so it could be that I'm not eating enough, but I struggle with that. I'm a 34 year old woman who weighs 174 and have little to no health issues. Here is a typical day's menu.

    breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
    Lunch: salad with some sort of it's a pouch of tuna
    snack...if I have one: handful of berries or baby carrots
    dinner: grilled protein of some sort for dinner....last night it was steak with sauteed veggies w/coconut oil or grilled veggies with olive oil
    I also have one cup of coffee for breakfast and 3 glasses of plain green tea every day. Could caffeine cause or stall weight loss?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    add more fat.

    coconut oil
    olive oil

    You've got a good mix of carbs and protein, but very little fat coming in your oils alone. Add animal fat and that might help.

    It's also important to note that this isn't really a weight loss program... it's a healthy lifestyle... some people experience rapid weight loss, others little to no weight loss... but the key is that their bodies change. And a lot of times, from what I've read in the journals and whatnot, people don't experience much weight loss until later when their body has repaired itself and reached a happy state of homeostasis. Be patient, my young padewan... I've been "primal" for 45 days and only lost 7 lbs, but have lost 6 inches in my midsection alone.
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    And sometimes the first few weeks your body is just repairing old damage, once it's healthy and in optimal shape again, things will start to balance out, just stick with it, take measurements and try to not stress too much

    33yo, 5'6", 158lbs, size 10 jeans

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    check out the threads on intermittent fasting. especially the leangains guy. Mark just put up a great post on fasting here

    How to Implement Fasting | Mark's Daily Apple

    I have found exercising at the end of a fast jumpstarts my weight loss. I suggest walking about 3 miles a day (an hour), punctuated with sprinting and weightlifting every other day, say sprinting twice a week and lifting weights twice a week.

    And please note that none of this should be done as a "weight loss program" or "diet". These are basic activities you need to do to prevent yourself from devolving into a life form other than a bipedal human. Weight loss should be a by product, not a goal.

    I am a six foot tall male and I only weigh 165 pounds, but IF and this kind of exercise, along with a grain free and sugar free diet, is just how I live. I still have about 5-10 pounds of belly fat to lose, and expect it to come off pretty easily over the next two or three months. I've already lost 15 the last two months since starting to IF and coordinating my excercise around my fasts.

    I've been eating mostly primal for years, but was unable to lose weight because I oversnacked and cheated with large restaurant meals. IF and better primal food discipline and better exercise discipline has been the key for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn26point2 View Post
    add more fat.

    coconut oil
    olive oil

    You've got a good mix of carbs and protein, but very little fat coming in your oils alone. Add animal fat and that might help.
    lol, yes, adding fat will help you lose weight. You should be a dietitian. I bet that is the problem with obese people in america today...they aren't eating enough fats.

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    6 lbs in three weeks is a very good, healthy rate of loss. Get plenty of exercise and stay the course. Be patient. Losing it slower is easier on your body.

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    I'm sorry, but screw the "just add fat" mantra. Whatever you do, don't listen to THAT. ESPECIALLY if you're female.


    Adding fat made me... fatter.

    Like it or not, calories count. Your food looks absolutely fine.

    If you're not losing, I'd play with meal timing, skipping snacks and skipping meals. That seems to be the only thing that actually works.

    Also, are you exercising? You should be, even if it's an hour of walking a day.
    How much do you sleep? What are your stress levels?

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    " Another thing is that the first week or so I was in DEEP ketosis and now I'm barely in a 'trace' and I'm so confused by this...."

    I have heard tale that when your body becomes more acclimated at using ketones as fuel you will actually excrete less of them. This makes sense. Otherwise, once you are a good fat burner take advantage of it! I didn't see anything about your activity level, but I would definitely do a lot of walking (daily) and add in some form of resistance training a couple days a week.

    Your meals look good. And slow weight loss is fine...don't get discouraged! Anytime you feel down about how long its taking just remind yourself of how much better you already feel!

    And just as a mention on the fat....I was never scared of fat to start with and right now I get about 65% of my calories from the stuff...Lean and feeling great!
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    It's a long journey to repairing your body.

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    It took you longer than 3 weeks to gain the will take you a lot longer to lose it.

    Just concentrate on eating healthy. Don't overeat "Primal" foods to make up for the junk food you used to eat. Too many calories will not allow you to lose fat no matter what you're eating.

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