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Thread: cheap weight plates?

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    cheap weight plates?

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    Anyone know a (relatively) inexpensive way to get weight plates?

    I currently do everything with a standard bar, but my DLs have gotten heavy enough that the bar is starting to scare me.

    So I figure I'll get a rated Olympic bar so I can keep progressing. However the problem I have is finding a relatively inexpensive way of getting the weight plates.

    For ~$200 I can get 300lbs of weight plates at a place like Dick's Sporting Goods (and throw away the crappy bar that comes with them), but that is only 2 x 45lbs.

    The cheapest 45lbs I found was on craigslist for around $39 a plate.

    In short I want a bunch of Olympic weight plates cheap Any ideas?


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    Craigs list? ebay? kijiji? The problem is they don't wear out so new or used does not matter. You could try talking to a fitness store and getting a package deal with a half decent bar.
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    There used to be a place around here called "Play It Again Sports" where they took old sports equipment and resell them for a fraction of retail. May want to check it out!
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