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Thread: Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs ~ Omega 6

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    Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs ~ Omega 6

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    Itís that time of year again! My local farm is getting duck eggs again!! Woo Hoo!! (Ducks donít lay eggs during the winter months like chickens do. So I have to wait for them.)

    So, Iím always on the lookout for ways to lower my Omega 6 and up my Omega 3 intake. I got 2 dozen duck eggs from my local farm yesterday and plan on eating some tomorrow morning. So I was on PaleoTrack inputting food and this is the first time Iíve put in duck eggs (I just started using PaleoTrack last month). I was pleasantly surprised to find that a duck egg (which is slightly larger than a jumbo chicken egg) has about half the Omega 6 as a large (standard grocery store) chicken egg. (I typically by Egglandís Best Omega 3 eggs Ė which are a little better, but not much)

    Egg, Duck, whole, fresh, raw: 0.391g Omega-6
    Egg, whole, raw, fresh (large): 0.792g Omega-6

    This is surprising because duck meat tends to be higher in Omega 6 than chicken meat.

    I tried to confirm this info online and didnít find anything. Can anyone out there confirm this data?

    If this is right it is another step toward balancing my O6:O3.
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    I wonder if its because the data on the chicken eggs was from CAFO chickens..and there arent any CAFO ducks?
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