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    "We don't think the bacteria are directly making the mice eat more, but the bacteria are causing low-grade inflammation, which causes insulin resistance and then makes the mice eat more," says Gewirtz.

    "So, applying the logic to humans," says Gewirtz, "we know that to gain weight and become obese, [it] requires you to eat more. The question is, Why do people eat more? Our results suggest that one reason people might be eating more is because of changes in their intestinal bacteria."

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    And what is the single biggest source of inflammation? GRAINS! So you eat wheat, get inflamed, get hungrier, and then go eat more grains.

    What's that definition of insanity?

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    Wow, OTB---great link!

    It's wonderful to be seeing articles of this sort in the mainstream publications; maybe people will actually start thinking (or i that too much to hope)?

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