Gah, sorry, I don't know where I leaped to that conclusion, but there it was and I dumped a bunch of acronyms on you. Yes, Crossfit is a branded program, but it is quite similar to what it sounds like you're doing- bottom line is intense workouts that often involve lifting heavy and will leave you feeling wiped in a way that 45 minutes on an elliptical never will. "WOD" stands for Workout Of the Day- just whatever that day's flavor of death is going to be.

IF isn't a Crossfit term, it stands for Intermittent Fasting. It's "primal" in the sense that a hunter-gatherer can't rely on regular meals, and it does seem to have some surprisingly good results for fat loss- and reading into it is interesting in terms for how the body handles energy systems when it's *not* getting fed every couple of hours. A quick once-over of the growth hormone stuff I was talking about is here- essentially, fasting triggers a growth hormone spike that's an adaptation to stop you from losing muscle just because the gazelle got away this time. It also encourages fat loss and muscle building- a lot of people round these parts have used IF to help them get over a fat-loss plateau. Me, I think it helps me, but I also need to do more structured and better timed "fasts" rather than just "skip lunch". ;P