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Thread: Encouragement/Advice, please

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    I empathize - my stomach is my problem, too. I tried not counting calories/weighing/tracking for a while, but my weight loss completely stalled .. so I'm back at it. Weighing the food is my only advice. Nuts were my problem. I was eating a handful here and there - to the tune of 4 and 5 ounces a day.

    I have no real advice, but I kind of thought I was going to die during working out, too, when I dropped carbs (even a banana). It's gotten better. I'm actually working out now without having eaten anything at all most days. Maybe give it another try while upping the protein and see how it goes?

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    Thanks Sarah, will do. Protein intake seems to be one of my bigger struggles. For someone who likes to eat, I sure do have a hard time getting enough of it down! Naturally, it just makes me feel full more quickly than other things, therefore making it more difficult to eat more of it. Sometimes it feels like I'd have to be eating meat all day long in order to reach my target.

    Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work right now without access to other foods until minutes before I go work out, so I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow (eating protein right before a workout will surely result in puking it right back up once I start working out). I'm going to try to really ramp up my protein intake and ditch the banana and see how I feel.

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    Maybe it is just taking your body a little time to adjust to dropping the carbs. How about 1/2 a banana and maybe you won't 'die' during workouts.

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    It may not be as hard as you think to add 40g of protein to your diet. Add some egg whites to your breakfast and increase the size of your meat portion sizes from 4 to 6 ounces.

    The other thing that I would try is changing your preworkout meal to an apple and whey protein shake instead of cottage cheese and a banana. Both are low GI and both digest relatively quickly. This is just a theory but by eating the banana pre-workout you may be sending a signal to your body to use stored glycogen for energy rather than stored fat. Then you are eating more carbs in the form of blueberries post workout to replenish the glycogen stores that were depleted during the workout.

    I also think you should weigh and measure nuts while you are trying to lose weight. It is not that hard to eat 4 ounces of nuts and depending on the type, that could be as much as 800 calories. Some nuts also have quite a few carbohydrates. Personally, I limit myself to one ounce of almonds / day and occassionally 2 tablespoons of almond butter as a snack.

    On a side note - I feel like I am going to die during nearly every Crossfit workout regardless of what I eat beforehand. That is one of the great things about Crossfit, you push yourself to your limits. If you aren't completely spent after the workout and if you don't feel like quitting halfway through then you aren't doing it right.

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    Conan, that was my first thought as're supposed to feel like death no matter what you eat! If there is a difference in the way you feel during a workout due to the lack of a banana, it will pass. Any dramatic change is going to make you feel a little goofy initially but you don't need that banana to do that kind of workout. For reasons beyond me it seems like the weight loss takes a while to get rolling, then it starts falling off like crazy. Best of luck!

    Now off to do a rowing workout (4x1000 meters) that I dread like the matter what I eat!

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    I'm another Crossfitter, and I'll chime in that you don't necessarily need to eat before or after workouts- I actually feel best on days where I do the WOD before I eat anything at all that day (or minimal fat-based snacking), then give it another half hour or hour for my appetite to let me know it's ready for FOOD now, then chow down on something nice and meaty. I used to feel like I needed to "have the blood sugar" available to do the workout without fainting, but after reading about IF and growth hormone response after intense workouts started trying going without... and it has worked out fine, after an adjustment period.

    Given that we seem to be similar in build and metabolism, I'd also encourage you to find another measure than the scale. I was internally ripping my hair out because my weight has stayed the same or slightly higher for three weeks now... but because most of my pants were in the laundry basket for washing, for the hell of it this morning I grabbed some old jeans I most definitely did not fit into two weeks ago. I'm wearing them now- the scale number didn't move, but I've clearly traded in some fat for muscle, and if you have the genes for it Crossfit will definitely add some muscle.

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    Great point LabRat! A primal diet isn't necessarily a weight loss diet, especially if you're doing intense strength workouts. It's more a 'weight normalization' diet in my opinion. I've gained 15 lbs since going primal, but my jeans fit exactly the same as at my low weight.

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    Thanks guys, I'm pleasantly surprised by all the helpful feedback

    Conan: it's funny you made that suggestion for my pre-workout snack b/c that's exactly what I ended up doing yesterday. About an hour before class I had a scoop of whey, followed by an apple. I felt good, but still not at the energy levels I enjoyed while still eating oatmeal. In fact, the coach has been making comments like "we're finally tiring you out!" So I know it's not just my perception, I'm still dragging. I feel like I hit a wall about halfway into the workout each time, like there's just no strength left in my limbs.

    On the bright side, I managed to get my protein intake to a whopping 183g yesterday, while keeping my carbs at only 119g! I'm going to try ditching the grapes and bananas, and I'm going to cut back on the nuts a bit, too. I found a really great site that lists the glycemic load for lots of foods (I read briefly about this in a book called "The Paleo Diet for Athletes"). If anyone is interested in the table:

    LabRat, would you mind spelling out a couple of your acronyms for me? I'm sorry, but I am new to the forum and not quite hip to all the lingo. Like's just a "conditioning" class at this MMA gym I go to, then I learned that Crossfit is a brand of this type of exercise, I guess? Anyway, curious to know what "WOD" and "IF" are. Maybe I should know these terms, but I haven't made it through the whole PB book yet, either.

    I'm really not as interested in the scale as the other relevant cues that I'm cutting fat. It's the ever-presence of my belly that's driving me nuts. I understand the whole muscle-related weight gain issue (I've even been proud of fooling people who try to guess my weight , but I feel truly stuck this past few...four weeks. My clothes aren't getting any looser, and some even feel tighter b/c I'm putting on some gluteal size from all the squats! My ultimate goal is just to feel good and have energy, although I won't hesitate to admit that my concern over the amount of fat I have on my abdomen is definitely a vanity issue, too.

    I love the encouragement; it helps just to hear that others experienced a lag in adaptation as I am, but are now experiencing success. I want this to be a way of life for me and my family, so I'm anxious to work out the kinks and regain my energy!

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    Elana I used to think that I needed a pre and post workout snack before going to the gym but now I donít even consider it, I think once you slowly train yourself not to have the snacks then you will find that you will complete your workouts with no issues, I used to think that I would faint or not be able to lift heavy if I didnít eat beforehand and to tell you the truth not eating has actually made my workouts better, after the initial shock of course!

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    While I've never really done the pre-workout snack, I used to do a post-workout 'recovery' drink. As a caveat, I'm doing regular ifasts, but I find that I generally have no problem doing workouts on an empty stomach. *especially* if it doesn't include a moderate amount of cardio.

    Pre-primal, I used to go running in the mornings, and eventually I got to the point that I had to eat breakfast before running, otherwise I couldn't run the 4-5 miles I was running. I'd be fine for the first 20 minutes or so, and then the carb crash would happen, and the rest would be miserable.

    I find now that if I do the same, while I don't have quite the carb-fueled energy level, it's more like the energizer bunny - I can just keep going. And going. And going.

    I stopped taking the post-workout 'recovery' drink. It was 50g of carbs, and just too much. When I first stopped drinking it, I was concerned about the soreness factor. One thing that the recovery drink did seem to help with is not being as sore as I would have been. I largely switched to doing whey protein + omega 3's and actually have a lot less soreness than the other recovery drink.

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