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    Why Is Primal The *right* Diet?

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    I was reading the blog here, and mark mentioned that "Of course, there is the fact that, though the Primal way is the right way..." I'll post a link to the post at the bottom of this post.

    I'm really trying to sort through everything out there...on a research mission and this statement came of very arrogant for the primal world. EVERYONE, claims that their diet is the *right* one, and many of them have scientific data to back it up.

    Just because the primal diet works for certain people, doesn't mean it works for other people. There are PLENTY of people I know who after eating meat (healthy, grassfed, free range) feel like crap and get constipated. These people also do not eat grains. These people excercise, they get plenty of sleep...BUT, they do not function well eating animal products. They function much better and thrive and their blood work is great while eating a raw vegan diet.

    I guess I just want some feedback because every decade has it's *right* diets, how can we know for sure that the primal diet is THE diet for everyone when it clearly isn't?

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    I'm surprised that he said that. But I suppose even the most even-minded person can fall victim to his own popularity. Rest assured, Primal is not the right way. It is on a dead end road, with hardcore paleo being the actual dead end. By that, I mean that philosophically and practically speaking, there is nowhere for paleo to go.
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    I would say for the vast majority of people looking to lose weight and be healthy it is far and away the best method. However, it's not for everyone. If you are currently a raw vegan type, it wouldn't work very well for you if you just decided to hammer down meat, you should slowly add things in. Of course changing your diet will lead to some side effects as a lot of things change when you change your diet which is why you need to give it 4-8 weeks. Also, don't forget the nocebo effect, I do this for a living and if someone isn't on board with a diet or lifestyle change, no matter what the diet, it will fail. Also, some people just won't change.

    Now, as a counter to your raw vegan friends, I would pose this question...If a raw vegan diet is how we are supposed to eat, how come you can't do it without a pill, namely vitamin B12, which is only found in animals. If they don't take this pill and continue to eat raw vegan, they have a future life expectancy of no more than 3 years.

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    Well it's not necessarily what Mark touts, but the idea behind the Primal/Paleo movement is that it's NOT one size fits all, at least for me. So yes, finding what works for you in the "confines" of whole and natural foods is "the right way" to health. I also don't see how learning to listen to your body's natural cravings & symptoms could be "wrong", and that, to me, is also a huge component of being primal. To look at it as just "eat veg/fruits/seeds/nuts/meat/fats and you will be healthy" is not understanding the whole picture or the whole movement. It's not just a diet.

    There is a reason for all of our ills. It could be that your raw vegan friends have been off meat for too long and their digestive enzymes don't know what to do with it anymore. It's a very common occurrence and could possibly be hereditary if their parents weren't big meat eaters. Time & digestive enzymes would likely help them, but if they feel well without meat, good for them. I think it's important to keep in mind that every diet with a brand (Mark's Primal Blueprint) has to market itself with exciting turns of phrase and products in order to pull people in. There are certainly people here who are just as fanatical as Atkins followers or strict vegans or those billion-banana-a-day folks.
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    If it "clearly isn't THE diet for everyone", why ask the question?

    But since you did, the best way to know if it works for you, is to try it. It's not really about "diet" so much as it is about lifestyle. Many people, Primal & not, get way too fixated on the meat. Yes, we eat meat...and a lot of plants, too. Also fruit, nuts, seeds, root vegetables and some of us even eat (horrors!) dairy. Generally speaking, we do not eat grains or legumes of any kind. But there are probably some folks on this list who do eat some grains on a regular basis. I ate some corn chips & dip at a party, once. I was hungry & there wasn't anything else to eat. One day out of 365 isn't going to kill me. In general, I don't eat grains. The rest of the "why" you'll just have to research for yourself.

    Have I ever gotten constipated while eating Primal? Yes. It was my body telling me to eat more vegetables.

    Have I ever gotten diarrhea while eating Primal? Yes. It was my body telling me to eat more fiber, like a sweet potato.

    Have I ever gained weight while eating Primal? Yes. It was my body telling me to lay off the nuts.

    If people came out of boxes one-size-fits-all it would be really simple to know what's best for our bodies. I don't really care what other people choose to eat. I choose to eat an ancestral diet, and I do know that my general health is better than some of my veg friends, although they would argue that their aches & pains & constant headaches have nothing to do with their diet, or the fact that I look 10 years younger than my friend who is 8 years younger than me, is pure coincidence. That's fine. Believe what you want.

    Mark is passionate, and smart, not arrogant. It's possible to mistake commitment to an idea for arrogance, particularly when you read something & can't see a person's face or hear the inflection in their voice when they are speaking. I have been fortunate to meet the man. I found him to be extremely encouraging, kind and self-effacing. Plus a total hunk of eye-candy. Seriously, we should all look so good at his age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
    there is nowhere for paleo to go.
    well... there is raw paleo, which is what i do
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    Vegan troll, that's what I think this is.
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    I don't see any of this as "one true way."

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I don't see any of this as "one true way."

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    There is only one right way, which means all other ways are wrong. I am human. Therefore, what works for me must work for all other humans.

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