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Thread: Does primal eating make pregnancy easier?

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    Does primal eating make pregnancy easier?

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    I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first. I've eaten mostly primal (probably 75%).

    I haven't had any nausea, morning sickness, food cravings, food aversions, "blah" feeling, bloating/swelling, etc. that I see so many women talking about. In fact, I feel the same as I did before getting pregnant.

    Do you think primal eating helped me avoid those negative things and have made my pregnancy easier? Do primal/paleo women tend to report easier pregnancies? Or am I just "lucky" regardless of diet?
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    No experience here, but I read a little blurb the other day that a lot of symptoms stem from vitamin deficiency. So, if you're eating primal you're probably getting a lot of vitamins

    congratulations btw

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    no experience, plus i'm a dude, but do keep your carbs up when pregnant or nursing. babies need glucose!

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    I was much the same. From week 6 to week 12 or so, I was exhausted (slept a lot), but after that, felt normal too.

    I wasn't primal, though.

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    My pregnancy was super easy. No nausea, no swelling, no aversions. I was tired in the first trimester and my back and hips started to hurt in the last month but that was basically it. I did crave mustard a lot. And when I wasn't getting enough good salt, I would crave that too. I also only gained 20lbs, 9 of which were just the baby. I had a decently easy recovery too.

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    Oh and no stretch marks. (My mom and sister both got them during pregnancy, so a genetic explanation doesn't fly).

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    I also only gained 20lbs, 9 of which were just the baby

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    nutrition plays a big role. being a healthy weight and staying at least somewhat physically active makes a huge difference in the second and third trimesters.

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    I'm not sure how primal has helped so far, other than giving me energy... But that is so important. When I stay closer to primal, I sleep better and feel more energetic overall. Had some nausea & dizziness early on, but that was likely due to dehydration & stress & pushing myself a bit with exercise. I'm much better now, and still hiking, biking, doing Zumba & light strength training. Just have to take breaks and eat & drink a lot more. I'm about 28 weeks and it seems like I'm gaining just in the belly, not much else. It's really amazing how few women exercise during pregnancy, when I think it has helped me a lot so far.

    Anyway, cravings may still come... Mine didn't start until about 2 weeks ago. Crazy how strong they can be - I actually sobbed one night because the Mexican restaurant was closed & I couldn't get carne asada. LOL, that was a new low. I'm curious to see how recovery & weight loss will go eating primal...

    And BTW Congrats!
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.

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    This is my first pregnancy so I wouldn't know what it's like to be pregnant and not primal, but although I've had a few issues and not been able to work much I think it's been quite easy so far.
    I was quite sick and vomited a lot until about week 15, I did acquire a strong aversion to meat(sight of raw meat made me vomit), but then again I'm expecting twins and that's often tougher.
    I started feeling out of breath after only a few weeks and had to give up the running, but I think that might be the babies sitting quite far back next to my spine. That could also explain why I didn't get much of a bump until week 16. I'm still very small, and people can't believe it's twins.
    I've also been dizzy a lot, and can't stand or be very active for too long without taking a break, but then I've always had low blood pressure anyway. It's been about 100/60 whenever I've had it checked by the midwife.
    But that's about it really.

    I've had no weird cravings, no problems with my hips, not gained excessive weight, no stretch marks thus far and no swelling. I walk a lot, although that's getting more tiring now, and I do pregnancy yoga a few times a week. It's great to be able to be active!
    I'm generally feeling good and I'm very positive and looking forward to giving birth. I just don't feel the need to complain like many pregnant women I know do.
    I do think being primal is a very good thing when you're pregnant so I'm very happy I got pregnant when I did!

    Becoming pregnant also helped me get my IBS under control, and I feel like I'm better at listening to what my body wants and not what my mind is telling me that I want ...

    My only problem is that I'm not really gaining weight. I lost a few kilos while I was sick, and for the last month or so I've been stuck at about 69 kilos. I normally weigh about 64 kilos ... The babies are growing well so I'm not worried about them, but I don't want to end up too skinny after they're born!
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