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Thread: "Cheat Sheet Summary" of Why Grains/Legumes/Rice Are "bad" for you

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    "Cheat Sheet Summary" of Why Grains/Legumes/Rice Are "bad" for you

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    Hi: Relatively new to PB, like the way I eat and feel, but wondering if its just being low carb that makes me feel good. I know there is a lot of talk about the inflammation reactions of the "bad" foods, like brown rice, bread and legumes. but wondering why that isn't limited to the gluten in wheat, and wondering how that occurs in these other foods. I understand the basic philosophy to "east what our ancestors ate", thus eliminating food from agricultural societies but just don't get WHY. Please help make sense of this for me. Im totally on-board with keeping low glycemic foods as the staple to the diet/keeping my insulin levels low from spiking, but I used to get that from eating low carb, low sugar diets where I ate a high protein, low fat diet with some wheat bread and brown rice (never white rice) for the vitamins and minerals and fiber, and didn't restrict my legumes, except to watch my carbs to some degree. Please enlighten me...thanks.

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    Read the book. Or at least use the search function. This is your journey. Take the wheel and drive!

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