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Thread: Struggling to meet caloric intake

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    Struggling to meet caloric intake

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    Im a 6'1" male, at 212lbs.

    Only two weeks into Primal Living, but only doing the "moving slowly often" part of exercise.

    I plan to add the Lifting and have done a single sprint session, but currently I'm getting full on just 1200-1500 calories a day.

    Compared to Mark's sample menu, I seem pretty low given I'm a bit bigger! Is it bad that I'm satisfied with so few calories? Or should I modify my intake to get more calorie dense food?

    I've lost 12lbs to date, so no complaints on the weight loss side. My avg daily intake is below:

    Wed 11th April:
    Calories 1276
    Fat 50%, Carbs 14%, Protein 37%

    Thur 12th April:
    Calories 1558
    Fat 57%, Carbs 5%, Protein 38%

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    I wouldn't worry about it yet - especially if your energy is good. It is very common with primal eating to have your appetite "cycle". Some weeks I have no appetite at all - then all of a sudden I'm eating everything in sight - then I'm back to no appetite. It all seems to work out in the end.

    If it continues long term you can try adding more fats to your food to bump the calories, making sure you have plenty of zinc in your diet, or adding in more primal carbohydrates to stimulate your appetite.
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    You should probably try to eat more dense and calorie rich foods. Maybe you are just going through an adjustment period and your appetite will pick up. I think I went through the same phase of not feeling very hungry, it's probably normal.

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    I go through times where I'm just not hungry, I'm in one right now. At other times I feel hungry all the time and eat what feels like constantly. I figure it balances out in the long run. I'm not going to force myself to eat, and I'm not going to ignore being hungry. I do try to eat enough protein when not hungry though, and make sure I eat the best foods I can.
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