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Thread: Kelp

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    I've just purchased a bag of dried ground kelp to add to my food to boost my Iodine intake - now that I don't eat bread (which has added iodine in NZ).

    How much should I be having each day? Just a teaspoon or so? I don't have a thyroid problem or anything, but I just wanted a wee boost just in case my levels are getting low.

    And what do you add it too? I just chucked half a teaspoon in some salad dressing which was a nice addition, and I imagine I could just pop a little into most soups/stews etc without anyone even noticing?

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    I use as seasoning kelp on salads about each day for 4 months. Just guessing I use less then a teaspoon at a time. I use it out of a salt shaker

    I did find this article on Kelp and how much
    Nutrition Diva : Is Seaweed Good For You? :: Quick and Dirty Tips
    "A serving or two per day of seaweed won’t cause a problem for most people. But just to be on the safe side, I suggest avoid eating large amounts of seaweed every single day, particularly kombu or hijiki, which are particularly high in iodine. Dried kelp granules, which are often sold as a salt substitute, are also a potent source of iodine. A quarter teaspoon can provide two or three times the suggested upper limit for iodine intake, so you don’t want to overdo that either."
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    I went on a hijiki kick myself awhile back. Handfuls of the stuff as a salad with miso dressing and I think it was screwing with me because I felt terrible re: energy level after a week. I cut back to a few small pinches in a miso soup 3x a week and I'm feeling like myself again. Miso and kelp can't really be beat though
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