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Thread: Sodium Chloride Supplements for athletes on low carb diets!!

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    Sodium Chloride Supplements for athletes on low carb diets!!

    Do any endurance athletes out there supplement with sodium chloride while
    being very low carb?

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    I do not use supplements but I do liberally salt my food. I didn't used to do that in the past, preferring unsalted food.
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    If you have a potassium imbalance and need to supplement just a bit... buy a container of "NoSalt" at the grocery. It's potassium chloride. Put a good pinch in a glass of lemonade and drink (yes just a pinch!). Or just mix with a little water and slam it. But it tastes really bad that way... have a chaser handy that has a strong flavor to wash it away.

    Another not so bad way to get some potassium in you is to buy the mini cans of "low sodium" V8 juice... 700 mg per serving, plus some magnesium. It's handy!
    Oh... and a good shot of Chipotle Tabasco makes it delicious!

    I have a medical condition which causes me to need to supplement K... so I am familiar with sources.
    Potassium pill supplements are limited to 99mg... I take them because I prefer/need the K citrate form... but I keep other types handy (like those little cans of V8) for when I feel the sudden onset of my low K symptoms.
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