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Thread: I'm in a binge cycle, any help?

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    I'm in a binge cycle, any help?

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    I hate this. I'm in a binge cycle. I don't know how to get out. This is like the 10th time I binged in the last 2 months. My binges have become "better" because my last 5 binges or so have only been on fruits, nuts and cheese. But it still sucks. I know everybody says not to punish yourself but you kind of have to if you don't want to gain weight. The reason I allow myself to binge on the moments I feel out of control is because I make up excuses that it's ok to eat the food. For example if I'm about to binge on another banana I tell myself "Ah.. I need some potassium so it's ok". Or when I'm about to have my 5th handful of macadamia nuts I tell myself I need the healthy fats. Does anyone have expierence with this? What should I do when I'm about to binge?

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    This is certainly both psychological and physiological. Intermittet fasting and exercise can help with the physiological. Actually intense exercise will also help with the psychological/neuorchemical component.

    If you eat a banana, add lots of almond butter with sea salt to it, this might curb your craving for another, and it will add nutritional value, and possibly reduce the glycemic load.

    The best thing you can do is to get your ass in the gym or go take an intense run, and follow both with a meditative full body stretch. This might curb your cravings, and will at the very least reduce the negative impact of the binges on your health.

    I have binged lately, on things like icecream, so I can certainly relate. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Just take it easy and you may find it easier to move away from your craving and towards doing things to curb or eliminate them.

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    I've had a lot of issues with binge eating. It started from candida issues which make you crave carbs and sugar and if you eat any amount of those things it will be happy and you strongly crave more. It then turned into an emotional eating problem mixed with candida cravings. I have found emotional freedom technique to be helpful, although it's useless if I'm in the middle of over eating, it works to do everyday as many times as possible to prevent the over eating binge patterns. Google it. It's very easy. You are supposed to try and tap for the root cause of why you over eat. So if for example you eat when you are stressed you would do the exercise for stress. If you can somehow just get out of your mode when you are eating too much or things you shouldn't, like just run out of the house or get busy doing something else. If you know you make excuses in the moment, I do that too, set out some rules to live by on a daily bases. Like before you eat a banana, say to yourself you are only allowed a half of a banana each day, no more. And have that determined thought in your head before you eat it.

    I would make sure you don't have a candida imbalance. I stay more in control when I eat less carbohydrates and no sugar, even from fruit. Also like you said it's important to not get upset with yourself, just try to stop and let it go and move on. Hope that helps.

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    Are you eating enough? Maybe you do need the healthy fats, or maybe you went too low carb hence craving bananas. Track your calories for a few days and rule that one out.

    In my experience, the moment just after the binge is the hardest - that's how the binge keeps growing, because while I'm eating I am delaying the crushing guilt which I know is around the corner. Conversely, the longer I go binge-free, the less tempting it is to binge. So imagine how much better you will feel a few days from now. A week ago I posted a really angst post here after a couple of days of stuffing my face, and it really was a hard rut to get out of. It SUCKED. But now I feel better, I've lost the water bloat and binging does not appeal so much. Imagine yourself binge-free and happy a week - just a week! - from now, and focus on that. I know it's easier said than done but that's what I try and do.

    Finally, you do not need fruit or nuts to eat a very healthy paleo diet. So just don't buy them! Only have less immediately rewarding foods at hand - veg, meat etc. Most people are a lot less likely to binge on spinach, steak and sardines than on mac nuts and bananas.

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    Meat + veg + butter.

    Extremely filling.

    Stop buying nuts and fruit. At least for now.
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    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.

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    Intermittet fasting and exercise can help with the physiological. Actually intense exercise will also help with the psychological/neuorchemical component.

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    As a former binger my advice/suggestion would be to binge on fat fat fat.. Don't do the fruit, nut, thing.. Do the almond butter on celery, lots of butter on anything, whipped cream on berries, binge.. This is how I started to end the horrible cycle. I still have to say that sometimes the feeling of needing to binge creeps up on me, but it has gone away significantly. I feel as though if I rely on fat to be my main source, I am less likely to get these horrible cravings. I was always an emotional eater. Even though I am breaking that cycle, sometimes I still get that urge. Turning to fats and protein ends the binge abruptly. The couple of times that I have given in and gone on a heavy carb binge, it felt never ending. I hope this helps.

    The easy answer is to say "just don't do it", but if you are the person struggling with this then you know that it doesn't work that way. Good luck on your journey!!!

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    IFing is the way to go in my experience. I've found that after a day where I binge and eat a lot, if I IF the next day I tend to A) feel better and B) alleviate some of the guilt from binging.
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    The whole reason I started Primal was because of my horrible sugar binges. I know how hard it is. I don't know how long you have been doing Primal, but the advice I get from folks when I'm having horrible cravings and wanting to binge, is to eat fat. I have several fats on hand, like coconut oil, coconut milk, ghee, heavy cream and butter. So when I get the cravings, I try to just keep it to having a little bit of one of those. It hasn't worked every time, but it has helped a lot. I have found that I need a lot of fat during the day, much more than I ever thought that I would in order to feel satisfied, so maybe you are not getting enough? I don't know, I mean I'm so new to this, I might not have the best advice. I will agree with the others that exercise will probably really help with this. It takes your mind off of eating, helps to relieve stress and I think it also gives us a feeling that we are taking better care of our bodies, so in turn that can make our food choices a little better. I know when I stop working out for any period of time, my eating habits turn really bad because I don't have that feeling that I'm taking really good care of my body.

    I also think you should give yourself a little bit of a break. If you are binging on nuts and bananas, I mean, in the grand scheme of things, that really isn't bad. At least you aren't doing it with french fries and burgers or candy. The more you beat yourself up, the more it could be driving you to binge because you are stressed/unhappy about your food choices. Just wake up tomorrow morning, forget about the days prior and the binges, start totally fresh and do your best to stick to your healthy meal plan. One day at a time.

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    i've dealt seriously with bingeing in the past. it's a lifelong food habit issue. for me, there was no trigger food, or flavor, or nutrient i was going for. it was about the compulsive fix. letting your mind go numb as you stimulate yourself with abandon. it's almost drug like, while you're doing it (been there too...)

    i was talking about this on another thread somewhere, but cognitive behavioral therapy is the answer. these responses telling you what foods to stick to, or base your binge on, are missing the point. find a way to disrupt one binge, one time, by intervening with a physical activity. jumping jacks until you feel sore, whatever. make it happen. if it takes leaving the house/apartment and walking until you sweat, do so. the next time you feel the binge urge, repeat the activity that you did before, that broke you away from the binge, and try to notice how your mind has been freed from having to focus on something cognitive. the goal is to be able to eventually take the physical activity and only occupy the mental space that accompanies it, without actually moving your body.

    this sounds like some woo shit, but bingeing is a mind fuck, and sometimes you gotta fuck your mind to get out of it.

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