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Thread: Cholesterol levels -UK numbers page

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    Cholesterol levels -UK numbers

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    My tests came back yesterday, HDL is 1.5, LDL is 4.5, tryglicerides are 0.65. Problem is that I don't know what this means, USA numbers seem to be totally different, and I didn't bother asking the doctors receptionist for more information as their conventional wisdom would probably be totally opposite to primal wisdom! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Uh well... Asking the doctors what UNIT it is in, how to convert it to US units and what the CW is won't harm you.

    It's all well and good thinking for yourself, but assuming straight away that no info from the doc can be useful and running to an internet forum seems a bit over the top to me

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    Your numbers are in mmol/l. US numbers are typically in mg/dl. Here's a converter: - Cholesterol Converter

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