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Thread: Big-time newbie question about preferred foods

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    Big-time newbie question about preferred foods

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    Just bought the paperback, and my wife and I are excitedly and impatiently trying to change our diet before we finish reading! So we're simply looking for a list of specific foods that are preferred. A quick glance through the book reveals some guidelines and some lists of foods that are bad or not preferred, but not the opposite ... and we're hungry! Just thought it would be easier to make food decisions if anyone has a handy list of the best vegetables, the best fruits, the best proteins, etc.


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    Don't sweat whats 'best' right now. Concentrate on eating real whole foods that satisfy you and keep you from eating vegetable oils, sugar, bread, pasta, soda, anything processed.... like the book says. Eat whatever amount is takes to keep your diet clean of these poisons. You can worry about the grass-fed meats, organic items, adjusting macro ratios, counting calories for weight loss, intermittant fasting,etc, etc... a little later as well.

    Here's much of what I eat:

    Beef - mostly hamburger and some steak
    Eggs - I love eggs - hardboiled make good snacks when you need to
    Fish - I try for twice a week
    Colored bell peppers
    White onions
    Lettuce - salad was a staple lunch for a long time
    Jasmine rice
    Potatoes - baked or sliced and baked in the oven seasoned
    Sweet potatoes - same as potatoes
    Kerrygold butter - in cooking
    Coconut oil - in cooking
    Pork loin
    Cottage cheese
    Some fruit
    Some cheese
    Some sour cream
    Some low carb ketchup
    Hot sauce
    Salt & pepper

    Go nuts with this list and items similar for two weeks. Then plan a night out with the wife at your favorite restaurant. It will be a treat, but learn to order decent primal stuff off a menu. Steak or fish, potato, butter, sour cream, vegetables. Skip the bread, pasta, salad dressings, etc. Order cheesecake or similar if you've been 90% plus primal over time.

    Things I ate early on that that helped me stay sane - I weaned myself off of as I got cleaner:

    All processed creamers in my coffee
    Dark chocolate
    Some milk
    Excess fruit
    Fruit juice

    The best thing you can do is adjust your attitude that health, healthy weight, and high energy is attainable if you change your attitude and eat only real whole foods. Avoid posts here that concentrate on all the negative aspects of health and life - people will try to drag you down. Do whatever it takes to attain your goals. Ask questions here and listen only to the positive people who have been successful - not the people who are always discussing only what doesn't work! They are are here looking to find others like them and rationalize their lives away in misery.

    Attaining health and happiness is a two step process just like everything else in life:

    1. Decide what it is you want to do.
    2. Figure out how to get it fucking done.

    Now... read my signature, grab the wife and go to the grocery store.


    P.S. Next is exercise....

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    There is a huge difference between talking about how to do something and getting it fucking done.

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    Eat meat, eggs, wild caught fish, lots of vegetables (except white potatoes and dried beans). Eat yogurt, sour cream and kefir unless you have reason (intolerance or wanting to lose weight faster) to avoid dairy. Cook in coconut oil or butter (ghee is even better). Make your own salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil. Make your own broth with bones--a crockpot makes it easier. Nothing from a box or can except canned fish (in olive oil or water), coconut milk (with the fewest possible added ingredients), and canned tomatoes if they are out of season where you live. Berries with sour cream are the perfect primal treat, or nuts or very dark chocolate (80% or more is great). Get some local honey if you want to sweeten a treat now and then and potato starch if you like to be able to thicken sauces.
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    My personal "preferred food" is CHICKEN. All of it-- thighs, drums, breast, organs, neck, bones (for broth), eggs (do they count), fat...
    Grass-fed beef is certainly a close second. Steak or ground.
    Rabbit is another favorite, but it's impossible to find on this island, I swear.
    And all things from the ocean, particularly fatty things-- mackarel, salmon, herring. Well, not Escolar. That one can be disastrous.
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    wild alaskan salmon
    grass-fed beef
    sweet potatoes
    red onion
    goat's cheese and yoghurt (if you tolerate dairy)
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    Learn to make the big a$$ salad- buy salad, apple cider vinegar, umeboshi plum vinegar & olive oil along with vegetables and maybe some shredded parmesan. Stock up on canned sardines and salmon. Buy some nice looking ground red meat and some spices to cook it with. Also pick up almonds- you will need them initially and maybe for good. Eggs are good to have for just about any meal. Buy a bottle of wine and some chocolate also to reward yourself with on the weekend.

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    Here is Marks Food Pyramid (the second one is the most recent). Keep in mind that it is based on calories not volume, so even though meat and eggs are on the bottom of the pyramid you can still eat ALL the veggies you want and plenty of fruit.

    Introducing the New Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid | Mark's Daily Apple

    Good luck
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    I follow something similar to the recommendations in the perfect health diet.

    Basically a lot of naturally raised meat, wild caught fish, some eggs and a bit of dairy, and a shit ton of fruits and veggies.
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    Blasphemy! Too many carbs can kill you know.
    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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