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Thread: Bacon

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    I have just finished the e-books and the 21 day transformation guide and am enjoying the new lifestyle choices when it comes to food choices. The bacon thing surprises me however. My previous understanding was that bacon is junk meat full of nitrates. For that reason, I haven't eaten it in years, even though it is delicious!

    Any insight as to why it is recommended?

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    It isn't so much that it is recommended but it is highlighted as a great example of something the public has unfairly vilified...

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    bacon is crap. it tastes good, but you could live a long and productive life avoiding it. if you must eat it regularly, buy the stuff that's uncured, from pigs that foraged. costs an arm and a leg.

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    The nitrates really aren't the problem. I recently heard Chris Kresser talking about it, and he mentioned that you would have to eat around 500 hotdogs to equal the amount of nitrates in one serving of arugula. Should we avoid arugula too. The problem is most bacon comes from conventionally raised pigs that have messed up O6:O3 ratios. That being said, if your already trying to limit excess O6 and trying to get in good O3, then eating some quality bacon a few times a week should be just fine. If the cost is an issue you can always get fresh side pork and cure it yourself.
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    I use it as a compliment to dishes. It adds great flavor. I don't pig out on it though! Luckily I can get Llano Seco (foraged) pork bacon ends for about 2 bucks a pound at my butcher.

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    Bacon is delicious.... I also don't/can't eat it. (Low sodium diet)

    BUT... I get plain ol' pork belly, slice it thin, and bake it until chewy-crisp.... YUMMMMMM!
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    I eat bacon. It is awesome. I do get mine from a farmer (ingredients = pork and spices). I believe the kind I buy to be the sort that you could eat in an "unlimited" variety. I would put the store bought stuff firmly in the moderate category.

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    Moderate, yes ... Just once or twice a month for me. I love bacon, but if I had it every day it wouldn't be special anymore. Like fois gras ...

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    the taste of bacon is too salty, so it just doesn't work for me as a protein source. the basic idea is that it's okay to eat bacon.

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    I just go for pork belly, at the Korean market. It is, however, on the pricey side.
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