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Thread: What are your STAPLE meals?

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    Stir fries are the most common dinner at our house. They're so versatile - whatever veggies you have on hand plus whatever meat you have on hand, stir-fried in coconut oil, ghee or lard. Add coconut milk/cream, ginger and spices for an Asian-themed dish. Sauerkraut is a great stir fry base too.

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    steak with veg!

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    I like to make "warm beef 'guacamole'" - saute some flank steak and onions, then add mashed avocado, tomatoes, bell peppers and guacamole seasoning (your own or from a bag). Saute some more and enjoy!

    I also like browning some seasoned chicken, removing it from the pan, then sauteing olives and onions (I looooove sauted onions), then return the chicken to the pot to continue cooking.

    It all basically comes down to some sort of meat and veg combo, as others have said, so let your imagination flow!

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