I joined recently and have been reading lots here and really love the Primal lifestyle as it's very similar to how I've been eating for a while now.

Background: I have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism (TSH in range, not sure on T3/T4), and rheumatoid arthritis (symptomatic, not degenerative)

I've lost 175 lbs with about 30 or so to go to a healthy BMI. 5'2, medium frame, 172 lbs, goal of 135. I've done this via Atkins strictly by the book (Induction/OWL/finding my CCLL, etc.) so high fat, low carb, with typical carbs at around 30 net carbs per day. I recently upped my fat to around 2000 calories a day, but eat 60-65% fat, 25% protein the rest carbs daily, 3 meals a day with some snacks.

My menu is mostly eggs, ground beef, chicken, pork, tuna (fish allergy but tuna seems okay), lots of low glycemic veggies, berries, 1-3 oz of cheese or cream, a little Greek yogurt, very limited nuts (almonds mostly), occasional glass of wine or low carb beer, lots of water, some coffee and tea, coconut oil, butter, mayo, olive oil/vinegar for cooking/condiments/dressings. Been eating like this for 2 or more years.

Losing the weight, eating low carb/high fat, avoiding processed foods and junk, exercising, etc. has improved my heath including the fibro dramatically. Not cured of course.

But I've hit a plateau for about 4 months now bouncing between 3-4 lbs. I've tried upping my fat/calories lately and noticed my energy was better and less hunger. I do walking 3x a week for cardio. Started weight lifting again a couple weeks ago. Still no change to the weight, but my inches have dropped a little bit but not alot. I am also lots more active as I've lost the weight. It's taken me 3-4 years or more to lose the 175 lbs as I've always lost weight slow (1-4 lbs a month). Had some plateaus along the way but this 3-4 month one is the longest yet.

Doing some reading here and elsewhere, I'm beginning to wonder if my carbs are too low and I may be in some sort of glucose deficiency and/or it's affecting my thyroid. I've read Paul Jaminet's posts about T3/rT3 and needing enough glucose to keep T3s in the right levels.

I've made an appointment with my endocrinologist for Tuesday and will see if he will check my T3s too as we've never checked them and I strongly suspect I may have some T3 problems. My TSH has been in range with some tweaks for a while. I had some tests with my rheumy a few weeks ago that showed my immune system may be low (WBC barely in range, MCHC and Lymphocytes low) and my usual SED and CRP high. Cholesterol is excellent at Total 184, Trig 56, HDL 61, LDL 112, glucose 87. Also, I still take metformin (insulin resistance possible PCOS when I began seeing the endo) and wonder if this would contribute to my glucose deficiency and may be time to stop it (will ask the endo).

I do take a ton of supplements, including flaxseed oil, Vitamin C, B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium, CoQ10, multi, glucosamine/chondrotin, melatonin, etc. I know I should eat more fish but have an allergic reaction to many of them. Is there another way to get Omega 3s?

The past couple of months I have noticed an increase of my thyroid symptoms again: cold hands/feet, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, extremely dry skin, especially once I started weights a couple weeks ago. I just dismissed it as SAD or dry heat from the winter, but am starting to think this is all related to the plateau and perhaps hitting some point of Very Low Carb for too long (25-30 net carbs daily) that's affected my health especially thyroid.

Upping the carbs seem the obvious answer, but how much? Should I lower the calories as I do so from 2000 to closer to my BMR which is around 1600? My AMR is around 1900. I noticed a nice energy boost when I went from 1600 calories to 2000 a couple months ago.

And what would be the better carbs to re-add? Sweet potatoes? Rice? I'd like to avoid goitrogens and nightshades and get the most bang for my buck veggies/carbs here.

I'm also looking into Iodine Deficiency and may try working on that after I see my endo next week. Not sure if he'll buy into this one though. I'm not beyond trying things on my own as I've done alot of that already for my fibro and RA and found alternative treatments that have helped.

Any other ideas? Thanks ahead of time. Losing alot of weight really does help but I think I need some fine-tuning now to get me to my goal and optimize my health.