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Thread: Glucose deficency and Thyroid

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    Glad your RA is in remission. Its a helluva disease process. You might also check out this book/website for your thyroid New Book on Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS

    It outlines the various subsections of "hypothyroid" pretty well. Its quite educational. I'm not a big believer in synthetic hormone therapy. If these things are less than optimal and you don't have a tumor or something then there is some other ultimate cause. Throwing you on synthroid does nothing to find this cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivelosttheweight View Post
    Thanks Grizz. I've been reading your long thread here and the links you've posted and it all rings true with me that this may be at the root of my problems.

    I do worry that my endo will not be on board with this, though he is pretty open minded most of the time (I even convinced him to try low carb dieting and he and his PA have both lost weight this way).

    I'll get my blood work done next week and see if I can get more thyroid stuff tested, and broach the subject about Iodine and see what kind of reaction I get. Based on that, I may try the iodine and selenium supplementation and see.

    Thank you for your thread and information on this. I may recommend this to a friend of my with CFIDS and endometriosis that I suspect could have similar issues.
    If your doctor won't go along with iodine supplements, then I suggest you tell your doctor you will find someone who will. Doctors are truly ignorant about Iodine, and they desperately need to learn. Here is a listing of iodine aware doctors, and make a copy for your own doctor - maybe that will shake him up to learn more about iodine. I am sick and tired of millions of people needlessly suffering from iodine deficiencies while their doctors are feigning ignorance.
    Iodine Literate Practitoners Directory

    Your friend will be helped with iodine for both symptoms:
    Iodine Deficiency ? An Old Epidemic is Back
    Here is a quote from a Yahoo Iodine Group Member:
    Iodine has given me my life back. I had fibro and cfs and was finding it increasingly difficult to do anything but sleep and lay around. I used to be a health junkie and feeling defeated by a body that seemed to be shutting down was very depressing. I workout daily now, I can clean, cook, take care of my kids. I am happier. I have a general sense of well-being and I feel alive! It is totally worth it, even if ur healthy. I bet I'll never get cancer.

    Here is the rest of her story:
    I actually hadn't realized why I felt so alive the day after my 1st dose because I only dropped about 4 drops of the 2% solution (10mg) on the sole of my foot. I had read this somewhere and didn't like the way it looked on my skin so I figured I'd hide it. Lol. Didn't think much of it until I tried to deduce why I felt so great the next day. I went home and my Lugol's was on the counter. I immediately put another 4 drops on my wrist to see how I'd feel the next day. I didn't care about how it looked. (Btw, it disappeared in 30 minutes - I know that the skin test isn't a good indicator of how deficient u are but that was a big deal to me!). I noticed that I didn't go back into my fog and aches the next day so I began to drink it and do the protocol. I am now taking 7 drops in 16 oz of water, 5 times a day (87.5mg). I increase it by 1 extra drop per glass of water per week. So I basically increase my dose every saturday by 12.5mg more a day...I do have lots of detox symptoms but I would never trade less detox for my old self. I was a zombie and now I know what it's like to live.
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    Yahoo! Groups
    Also show her this link on LDN:
    LDN is a cheap Miracle Drug that boosts the immune system:
    It is truly unfortunate that women suffer 15 times more than men from iodine deficiencies. BTW, men suffer Prostate Problems from iodine deficiency. I cured my prostate problems in less than 2 months with iodine ! YAY ! In the meantime, doctors & drug companies are simply IGNORING iodine (and LDN, too) ! This makes me furious.

    If you have any more questions, I will be at the Iodine Message Thread.
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    Thanks for those links, sbhikes. Definitely more food for thought there to contribute to the current arguments/theories.

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    Good links. I don't really know were the "low carb makes you hypothyroid" crap started. Its just a new myth that won't go away.

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    What I'm wondering is if you are already hypothyroid, what effect does VLC have long term? And what is the right level of carbs you should eat? That's what I believe I'm facing right now since I've been low carbing for 3+ years now (had a stint off the wagon 3 years ago). Is 25-30 net carbs too low long term? I think the answer is yes. But how low should you stay if you're trying to lose weight?

    Reading the above link, if it doesn't make you hypothyroid, it shouldn't have a big effect on hypothyroidism either, but there may be a better level of carbs most people should eat to both lose weight and be healthy. Perhaps the 20% or 400 calories or more that Jaminet recommends. I may end up being a guinea pig here and trying a number of things, including iodine supplementation, upping the carbs, etc. I see the endo this week along with blood work that might shed the light on some of this, hopefully, if I can get a full thyroid test including T3 and rT3 etc.

    But along with Grizz, I believe other effects on our lives from the food we get that is overly processed and altered by mass production, iodine deficiency may contribute significantly too.

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    I've been hypothyroid for over 10 years. No hashi's or AI, just high TSH. I quit taking my Synthroid last summer after losing a ton of weight and getting seriously Primal. I was good for about 6 months, but my TSH was climbing. When I stopped in May, my TSH was .55, in Aug it was 2.5, in Jan it was 4.0.

    I restarted taking Sythroid in January, but also started taking kelp, krill oil, and brazil nuts. By mid-March, my TSH was down to .55 again, so I stopped the Synthroid on March 15th. I'm scheduled for TSH labs in 2 weeks, so I'll be able to tell if the iodine and selenium made a difference.

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    I think if you are already hypothyroid you need to treat it with real medicine. Carbohydrates aren't medicine for hypothyroid.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Good links. I don't really know were the "low carb makes you hypothyroid" crap started. Its just a new myth that won't go away.
    There is something called Euthyroid Sick Syndrome, also called Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome.

    "Starvation, and more precisely carbohydrate deprivation, appears to rapidly inhibit deiodination of T4 to T3 by Type 1 iodothyronine-deiodinase (ID-1) in the liver, thus inhibiting generation of T3, and preventing metabolism of reverse T3 (10). Consequently there is a drop in serum T3 and elevation of reverse T3. Since starvation induces a decrease in basal metabolic rate (11), it has been argued, teleologically, that this decrease in thyroid hormone represents an adaptive response by the body to spare calories and protein by inducing hypothyroidism." The Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome – Thyroid Disease Manager

    "Composition of the diet rather than reduction in the total calorie intake seems to determine the occurrence of decreased T3 generation in peripheral tissues during food deprivation. The dietary content of carbohydrate appears to be the key ingredient since as little as 50 g glucose reverses toward normal the fast-induced changes in T3 and rT3.52 Replacement of dietary carbohydrate with fat results in changes typical of starvation.39,53 Refeeding of protein may partially improve the rate of T3 generation, but the protein may be acting as a source of glucose through gluconeogenesis.54" Effects of the Environment, Chemicals and Drugs on Thyroid Function – Thyroid Disease Manager

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    ^ make sense, as carbohydrate availability is a far more reliable indicator of starvation than fatty acid availability, given that body fat is metabolised during starvation.

    Even so, all low-calorie diets suppress thyroid function. There's an obvious reason why.
    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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    If you're medicated, your TSH should be about 1.0 or slightly below. If you're as high as 2.0 or higher, you're undermedicated. How often are you checked? My endo does bloodwork every 4 months. The reason you're having symptoms is probably because you need to increase your meds.

    Make sure your doctor checks your T3 level because if you're T3 is too low, it will impede weight loss. I have Hashimoto's, and after 6 years on only T4 (Levoxyl), I started having conversion problems, and now I also take T3 (Cytomel). It's the T3 level that's critical to your functioning.

    As for weight loss, consider this. I, too, have lost a significant amount of weight on low carb (200 lbs over past few years). But after the first 80 lbs, I "stalled' until I lowered calories. I had to lower them again after 150 lbs. We tend to eat similar amounts, not realizing that our smaller bodies require much less food. Now I'm eating less than I ever imagined I would to maintain my 143lbs, but I'm not hungry, and my weight is stable--so that's the amount my body requires. Alas, my 'head' would like to feed me a lot more:-)

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