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Thread: gluten reaction or stomach bug

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    gluten reaction or stomach bug

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    I've been pretty solidly paleo (only a few chats with a dessert or one meal) since the beginning ofthe year (3 months). I went on vacation on Sunday & decided I was going to allow myself all my non*paleo favorites on the trip. By Sunday night I just felt like I had a ton of bricks in my stomach (ignored it & find the next morning), by Monday night I was super gassy (ignored it & fine the next morning), by Tuesday night I was starting to have bad stomach cramps & nausea. By Wednesday I was full blown "sick" (don't wanna be too graphic). I pretty much ate nothing on Wednesday so Thursday morning I felt fine again. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson & went carb crazy yesterday. Well, I have been "sick" 10 times overnight ... (dumb dumb dumb - I know - no need for scolding) ...

    My questions are the following:
    1. Could this really be a gluten intolerance reaction or could it just be a coincedence that I got a stomach bug the same time as my carb-icide? My CW mom cannot fathom that this level of illness is just from eating pastries, chips, pasta, etc.
    2. I've been trying to sip some coconut water but my stomach is super grumbly even just sipping it. Any other suggestions for liquids to try? After being "sick" 10 times, I'm really really dehydrated & weak & feel like I need to get something in my system. I have kombucha but don't know if that would help or make my stomach revolt! I'm hoping to be able to get someone to pick me up some peppermint tea, and for some reason the thought of fruit isn't giving me a gag reflex like the thought of most other foods are.

    Thanks for any suggestions & help!
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    It could be either or. It's hard to say.

    Eating gluten again after three months could very well be causing your stomach/intestinal distress, particularly if you were gluten-sensitive/intolerant to begin with.

    If even sipping coconut water is making you grumbly, I wouldn't eat or sip anything right now. Wait it out. Take a nap. Rest. Then re-hydrate with coconut water, chamomile/peppermint/ginger tea.
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    I had a really nasty stomach-based reaction to a few cinnamon rolls and slice of cake over the weekend (offending foods eaten Saturday, woke up feeling like crap & still feel off). I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and fought hard not to vomit. After resting most of yesterday, I managed to eat one little slice of fresh kielbasa, a couple of eggs scrambled, and some bacon. I drank kombucha, very slowly, earlier, and it stayed down. I drank water, very slowly, throughout the day, when the nausea wasn't too bad. Today I had a strong probiotic in my water, but haven't eaten yet. My appetite is returning, but I definitely feel like eating certain things (fruit sounds appealing and manageable, whereas last night I wanted fat). Take it easy, wait it out, and listen to your body.
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    I indulged in some pizza last friday and I am still feeling off from it. I managed to get control of it (thankfully) but I am steering clear of anything that may upset it, esp high fat things. Maybe try getting some pepto-bismal into your stomach with some water - room temperature water - and eat small amounts of steamed veg if you can. The coconut water may not be helping either, taking some electrolytes would be better. Coconut water can cause upset stomachs in some people so I would imagine that it can also make already upset stomachs worse.

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