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    Grats, thats badass. I'm still working on it, doing partials and negatives against the wall, but I'll get it eventually

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    Baddass ! The only thing that you need to know is keep doing them !

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    Beautiful! The first time I saw a handstand pushup was in a crossfit gym and I was SO thoroughly impressed. I was just like, "WOW!" So the female instructor (who was a bit pushy and ended up being the reason I quit) said, "Oh, I can do it too..." and proceeded to try and get the same response. I think she could have, but she was in a hurry to do it and pressured herself. She fell over. I didn't laugh although I wanted to. However, I'd like to get to that point one day. The handstand. Not the falling over.

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    Nice that is the same depth I am getting but my feet are still against the wall for balance - Well done!
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