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Thread: Good evening from England! Looking for tasty Paleo Snacks....

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    Apart from smoked fish, other hi fat or protein snacks I've been packing up along my lunch for work:

    Carrot batons, celery sticks, sliced red peppers, red onions... Toss with olive oil and spices du jour.
    Cooked chicken drumsticks. Skin on, bit of garlic butter, herbes de provence. Yum!
    A piece of omelette/frittata (though in practice I don't do that often cuz I think eggs are boring)

    When I haven't packed lunch properly and I'm hungry: a bag of microwave-in-the-bag veggies from the supermarket with some pastured butter (Kerrygold). Avocados. Can of sardines. No-preservatives high-quality parma ham is available too, but I think of it as a condiment, not a good source of protein.

    I try to stay away from fruit & nut because they're too 'easy' and it's easy to overeat them. But I'll have macadamias (the low-polyunsaturated fat nut) now and then in a pinch.

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    I use home-made pork scratchings. They are left over after I have rendered the lard from them in the oven.

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    There is a company in the UK that does paleo snacks, they are The Naked Ape ( They make them from biltong, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. I always have some in my desk just in case I have been too lazy to prepare anything!

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    Hard boiled eggs, tins of sardines, mackerel etc can all be used to add some protein to a bag of salad. Trail mix is a doddle just go through your larder bunging stuff in but easy on the dried fruit as it will give you high blood sugar and diarhoea.
    Check out my sig for some stuff that my wife makes. Like everyone else says paleo isn't about snacking but it's handy to have something in the desk drawer/ glovebox/rucksack when you need it.
    Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

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