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Thread: Alkaline Water

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    Alkaline Water

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    I know this has been discussed here before and that it is generally thought to be snake oil rather than a wonderful cure-all. My understanding has always been that stomach acid is so high that once that water hits your stomach, it's all the same thing anyway.

    I'm asking because my in-laws are suddenly REALLY into this whole alkaline/acid thing and have given us 14 gallons of the alkaline water to drink. They even bought an ionizer (Lord knows how much they paid). I have been drinking it (figure it can't hurt) but I'm just curious if there's any good info out there or any personal experiences anyone has to share with this concept. I can mostly just find companies selling ionizers when I try to do a search. Thanks.

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    If you're a gout sufferer, it's great. I drink a 1/2 tbsp of baking soda morning and niight to alkalinize myself. I'm usually at 5.5-5.75, if I don't drink baking soda dissolved in water. Alkaline water is even better: you get even higher pH. So it does work great for someone with a chronic acid-base imbalance, i.e., many gout sufferers. Most are unaware of this, so they suffer from gout needlessly.

    I also believe that the imbalance is important for those on a heavy acid diet, like zero carbers and carnivore dieters who eat meat, bone broth, and very little fruits and vegetables.
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    alkaline water is nothing but a normal water with increased pH level.

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    You can't make water more alkaline or more acid unless you add an alkali or an acid to it. So what is this alkaline water?

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