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    Question about glycogen + training + insulin

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    Hey folks,

    Quick question. When one trains whether it be heavy weights or sprinting then glycogen is depleted. I assume it gets depleted from both the liver and the muscles? When we then eat sugar (from fruit, salad dressings, rice, yams, etc) is there an insulin response? Or does the small amount of sugar gets converted to glycogen and shipped immediately to replace the depleted stores? In other words, on training days could we in theory eat 100-150 grams of sugar and illicit almost no insulin?


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    hi, anytime you eat sugar or protein, insulin is released. this is not a problem, this is how our bodies stay alive! the sugar will still make its way to muscle and liver as it's needed, if glycogen has been depleted. your body is awfully smart, assuming you're not suffering from gross metabolic dysfunction.
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