Me (30), my husband (31), and my son (2-1/2) started our primal journey on 3/26/12 (2-1/2 weeks ago). I have lost 6 lbs., my husband has lost 9 lbs., and my son has gained 1.2 lbs.! My husband is 6' tall and 152 lbs. He is working on putting on some muscle now. I'm 5'-6" and 164 lbs., currently. Looking to drop a few sizes and get in the best possible health. BUT, the best part is, our son is growing like crazy! My husband and I have been 98% primal since the start, and our son is about 85-90% primal. Since we've been eating this way, my son has been eating like crazy! It's amazing to see! Since he was around 9 months old, he has had a hard time gaining weight and growing. He is dairy and soy intolerant. I think he may have been missing all this good fat in his diet! He loves bacon! He's gained over a lb. since we've started! He's finally at 28.4 lbs. after being at 27.2 for months. I can't wait to see how tall he's going to grow over the next few weeks! My husband and I losing weight on this diet is one thing, but to see my son thrive on it let's me know we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing!

I just wanted to share the good news with everyone. I have been coming to these boards since day 1 for inspiration. I will continue to update everyone with our successes. We have taken "before" pictures, so it won't be to long before we have some amazing "after" pics to share. Thanks for reading!