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    eating fat?

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    right... i'm cool with the idea of eating certain fats that are good for you. just wondering about meat fat? tonight i cooked up a mean pork loin and decided to try mungin some of the fat strip that is on one side (i cooked it in the oven so it had crackled a bit).

    just wondering if this is good, bad, or not overly important... no doubt cavemen didn't really give a crap... it was all food to them and the fat was probably their desert!


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    I eat it all the time. It is probably my primary energy source. I am sure it is very good for you. Meat drippings certainly feel good for you.

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    I tend to eat the pork fat / crackling BEFORE attacking the meat! Love it....

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    3/4 of the fun of eating meat is the fat.Skinless chicken breasts are totally missing the point IMO.

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    Eat the fat, chew the grissle, comp on the cartilage..... oh and +1 to chickenbackside...I love chicken skin!
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    Yes it's best get as much fat as you can from wholefoods, as they are usually much richer in vitamins and minerals than processed fats and oils.
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