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Thread: Primal Journal - Siobhan page 590

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    I haven't had actual contact with her, Ex has told me. She has sent him some stuff from my journal here. She found the pic I posted of him at Acadia. I have no idea how she found this. I think he was annoyed with me at first, but then he realized the online stalking thing is creepy and I think he has transferred the annoyance to her. Also I didn't do anything wrong, which he also realizes. The initial ickiness has worn off and now I feel sorry for her. Also would caution her against this sort of thing, it tends to backfire.

    However, the time is ripe for making some changes and this journal is getting awfully unwieldy. You'll find me.

    Good news on the G front. Minor but good. I came into work tonight and there he was! He got called in to fill in for a sick call. I told him I had sent him a text. Guess what? He doesn't have texting on his phone! That would explain why he didn't answer mine. But he very quickly gave me his email. There was a situation going on when I arrived and we did an intubation together (so romantic!) I'm used to having to work by myself, it was so great to have another experienced and capable RT there.
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    Siobhan, I am sorry about the 'friend' who is making things so weird! Let us know via PM if you move on so we don't lose touch!!! That would be too sad I like the sound of G - e-mail address is good! A smooth procedure together is nice - intubations can be pretty tricky sometimes and having someone with you that is an old hat - cool!
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    That is super creepy... I've got some pretty bad people in my past who I would be HORRIFIED if they found my journal or anything else about me anywhere ever. So I totally understand your fears and wanting to shit down this journal, but we would miss you! Especially if Ex or anyone else can clearly see she's one troubled person, don't let her force you to stop something you enjoy!
    yeah, but "hey i'm Khan the sword king" is not normal.... the universe is being fickle... this is a thing... ignore me for a few weeks.

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    I hope you'll continue your journal. I may not post here that often, but I read you every day.

    A romantic intubation is great start!
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    I'll be looking for you................ (ok, that sounds stalkishly creepy)
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    Ooooooh| All horrid stuff. I don,t post much either but soooo look forward to your journal. Maybe you could PM your regulars to let us know where you are??? I would miss this erudite and irreverent correspondence.

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    I'm a regular reader who also would miss your posts, exploits and hearing about you. Please PM me too.

    Actually, how do you PM people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perennialpam View Post
    I'm a regular reader who also would miss your posts, exploits and hearing about you. Please PM me too.

    Actually, how do you PM people?

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    Yours is my favorite journal! I hope you don't have to leave... I would feel a bit more lonely in the world...
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    Bringing up this old journal.
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