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Thread: After 3 months primal, I all of a sudden felt like eating crap again page

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    After 3 months primal, I all of a sudden felt like eating crap again

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    I've been 3 months on a primal diet. I didn't exercise any more at all, but still lost 18 pounds. Pretty amazing IMO.

    Yesterday though, I all of a sudden felt tired of eating eggs, meat, etc. and felt like eating junk food again.

    So I went out to the coffee shop and ate a NICE BIG donut. I also bought some junk food at the store, such as a frozen pizza and a little candy.

    After one or two days, I plan on going back to the primal diet.

    What do you think? Everybody has to eat crap every now and then, right? If not, what's the fun? I'm thinking about dedicating 1-2 days to crap food eating every 1-2 months, according to my wishes. Do you think that's okay?

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    No, everybody does not have to eat crap every now and then. If you want this to be a lifestyle, you need to let go of the CW definition of 'food'.

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    Well, what do YOU think? If it makes you feel good and doesn't bring you any problems afterwards then go for it, go back to primal afterwards.

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    Nothing wrong with eating to be happy, just don't let it derail you.

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    If I eat any junk food at all my weight loss stalls and I feel terrible for days. At Christmas I let myself eat some junk and it took me about 2 weeks to recover. I am gluten intolerant so that could explain part of it, but I don't agree that everyone has to eat crap every now and then. I'd rather not eat junk at all. Even though it may taste good, it's not worth it. But if that's what you want to do, and you don't have a bad reaction, then that's your choice.

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    Do what you want to. If you like the occasional indulgence and it doesn't cause you any problems then have at it. Nobody gets diabetes or heart disease from eating a donut every once in a while in the context of an otherwise healthy diet, you get sick from eating excessive amounts of that shit every day for years on end.It was my birthday recently and I celebrated with cake, ice cream, pizza, and some delicious ale. I had a bit of a hangover the next day, but I'm still alive and healthy and enjoyed myself on a special occasion.
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    I ate a box of cookies on Sunday and found that Monday was very difficult because I craved that sugar. I got through it but still wanted junk. Tuesday I got a bag of candy, ate half of it then took it out to the big garbage. It was the only way to stop myself! I feel MUCH better today, not even craving the stash of dark chocolate I keep to nibble on. (my cravings are not agitated by dark chocolate that have only 4 REAL ingredients. Candy bars are a black hole though!) So if you choose to have your junk food, go for it but remember that you will feel like crap and may have trouble getting back on the bridge you just drove off of. It's best not to beat yourself up and give up (it's not a cheat, it's a choice) but just pick up the pieces and resume life as normal.

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    Why eat crap like donuts when you could have something that's actually really good. Like a real pizza from an Italian restaurant that uses a brick oven or a chocolate mousse made with real eggs. If you're gonna splurge, make it truly decadent and delicious.
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    It's fine if you can limit it to one donut once in a while, but if one donut once in a while becomes 3 donuts a week which becomes a donut a day which becomes a junk food frenzy, then at least be honest with yourself and cut it out completely. As always, YMMV.

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    What's all this "everything in moderation" stuff lately? Life's not fun if we don't have donuts??

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