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Thread: Magnesium and hypoglycemia

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    Magnesium and hypoglycemia

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    Okay so I have reactive hypoglycemia. Gotten better since primal, but still nowhere near the point of being able to fast or skip a meal (down to 3 a day at least) or I get symptoms.

    Have tried to implement magnesium citrate supplementation several times. At first I thought it triggered actual anxiety in me, but now I realize what is happening is that it triggers my reactive hypoglycemia symptoms (anger, temper issues, bad mood, depression, anxiety, YIKES!) to the point where I have to have food in my stomach all day or I am cranky & nervous & shaky. Then when I get food I am soooo tired.

    Taking it at bedtime causes me to wake at 4 am with hunger & reactive hypo symptoms that will not allow me to go back to sleep unless I eat. Very disrupting.

    Yet every doctor, advice person, paleo/primal website, GI doctor, psychiatrist, etc. tells me to take magnesium. They say "oh and take some magnesium, everyone needs that."

    What gives? Anyone else have this problem???

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    Magnesium helps to reduce insulin resistance which would result in blood glucose dropping rapidly. I would stop the magnesium supplement and then if you want to resume ease into with gradually. Topical application of magnesium might work better for you initially - look for magnesium oil.
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