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Thread: Diabetic + Marathon + Paleo = I've got some questions.

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    coconut water is a great suggestion. honey stinger as well.

    not that solid food is extremely easy to stomach on the run, but seriously banana is one of the most palatable sugar sources i can think of, and has a nice balance of fructose and glucose. also it comes "prepackaged" in the peel.

    for fun, compare the nutrition info on a standard gel and a package of 5 "easter peeps" sometime. very similar!
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    I like dates for long runs, and larabars too. Although my fave larabars suddenly taste like funk at about mile 5. Outside of the run they taste great. Something about running that makes everything taste funky.
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    i don't run long distances, just jog to keep things interesting. So i never fuel for running b/c i'm only out for 4 miles.

    But for long endurance bike rides (like 3.5 or 4 hrs), i think pemmican is the best fuel. I used to big hammer fuel fan but i have decided now that nuun is a lot better for me. It's not sweet and sticky. Plus, hammer uses too much soy. They are actually proud of it.

    i did go thru a period where i used perpetuem but i think it's only good in cold weather & there's not too much of that in texas. I tried it once in warm (above 75 degrees F) temps and it pretty much made me gag.

    interested if any runners use pemmican? Running is so much more of a full body workout, i can't imagine eating too much, especially lots of sugary stuff; seems like it would make you cramp up. Pemmican is like pure fat & protein, it doesn't hit your stomach like a big sugar bomb.

    the worst fuel ever was some Clif bar drink mix. OMG! thought i was gonna hurl! Looked at the label (and this is before i gave up grains) - first ingredient is rice syrup. OMG. it was nasty. Completely vile at warm temps.

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    Coconut Water is a no. The taste of it is just not palitable for me. I've tried it before, during and after workouts and the results are the same... Bleh.

    Dates/Larabars are ok on their own. While endurance training (CrossFit or Running) they taste aweful.

    HoneyStinger. The gel packs are ok taste wise, but at 29g of sugar it spikes me pretty high and then tappers off. Their energy gel gummies are a good option (except for overall size of the product) since I can portion those out and avoid major peaks and valleys with my sugar.

    I've started taking a capsul from SaltStick that is basically an electrolyte pill. Those have been good so far at keeping my body hydrated.

    I'm going to continue to experiment with my insulin doses and pre-run meal. Also goin to look into a non-flavored protien isolate to add to my water to see if that will help stabilize thing while taking any of the energy gels.

    Thanks again for you suggestions and support.

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