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Thread: 6 lbs. lost first week! But there is other good news.....

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    6 lbs. lost first week! But there is other good news.....

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    Okay -- so my son was weighing this morning and before I knew it, I hopped myself onto the scales (forgetting that I wasn't supposed to weigh until 1 month of PB).

    I almost fainted. I'm down 6 pounds in one week!
    Is this possible? Six pounds? Must be a lot of water.
    I surely haven't been hungry and I'm loving the PB way of eating.
    I'll try to stay off the scales until 1 mo. is completed, but man -- that glimpse was amazing to me!

    Food-wise, everything going well. Still no cravings. So happy! I do FEEL lighter. Maybe it's all that food guilt gone.

    PS Taking Mark's supplements just before bedtime solved the "bad taste" burp problems.
    My husband has decided to try PB with me (he only weighs 150 and doesn't really need to lose weight, but he needs to lower his cholesterol and get fit). Happy day! I'm more happy about my husband and I being able to eat the same great PB foods (makes meal planning MUCH easier) than I am about the weight loss!

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    Glad to hear it! 6 days into my PB begining I was down 10 lbs and I am sure it was mostly water weight! But non the less it is still progress. It is exciting to watch and monitor weight lost. I keep a journal of the food I ate for that day and weight percentages. Keep up the good work!

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