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Thread: Low Testosterone and curious if I can raise naturally

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    Low Testosterone and curious if I can raise naturally


    I'm 45 years old and have been told by my doctor I have low T (165). I was told this a few years ago (240)but I didn't listen to her because I figured it was due to the stress in my life at the time. Well, now its lower and I'm actually in better shape and don't drink any alcohol. I'm 6'0" and weight about 195.

    I really don't want to do the TRT but she says that it will almost be impossible for me to raise my T to an acceptable level of around 550 by diet and exercise alone.

    I wonder if anybody has done something similar raised T from mid 100s to mid 500s the primal way without going on TRT. My wife thinks I should try the Androgel but I'm super hypersensitive to medicine and the fact that I'm stubborn

    Any help is appreciated.



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    My husband had levels around 130...he used the TRT injections and it changed his mood/demeanor completely (in a great way) so I'm not sure I'd recommend against it. He was on a serious downhill beforehand. His doc recommended his levels be brought up to 800-1000 and he was successful.

    Good luck - ill be watching for advice here on his behalf.

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    If your levels are that low, your doc is probably right. There is a problem with your HPTA (google if you need it) and you might not be able to fix it if it has been that low for that long.
    Diet, exercise and de-stressing your life can raise it, but if something is broken, you might not be able to fix it with those remedies. I would suggest that if you are going to try and raise it through diet, eat a LOT of saturated fat. If you don't, nothing is going to happen.
    There are a lot of guys on TRT and it really isn't that big of a deal.
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    Androgel is working pretty well for me. I don't like it, but Icarian is right, may be the only way to get this to a level i need to be at. Have not considered actual TRT, as the gel is keeping my levels up.
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