Well, I began my Primal journey in an attempt to lower my hereditary high cholesterol in order to prevent going on medication, as recommended by my Doctor. A previous attempt had me eating a vegetarian diet for 11 months after which I not only felt terrible, but hardly changed my numbers at all. On that day I went back to my "normal", "healthy", high-carb diet.
One day a co-worker that was into Crossfit suggested I try a Paleo diet (Which I had never heard of) and a bit of internet searching led me to Mark's website. Not being one to "ease into" things, I decided to jump in with both feet and went for two weeks on an extremely strict Paleo diet. The results were so positive that I went out and bought some cookbooks and began my Primal lifestyle in earnest and by the time 4 weeks had passed I had lost 19 pounds, was sleeping much less with twice as much energy, my skin looked and felt healthier and I was just generally so happy that I felt I was bursting with joy. By this time I didn't care if my lipid panel had improved or not, I knew I was never going back.
Fast-forward 6 months, today I got by blood test results and my bad LDL was 20 points lower, my good HDL was 20 points higher, my Triglycerides were 34 points lower and my overall number was 7 points lower.
Chol - 230, previous 237
HDL - 72, previous 52
CLDL - 143, previous 163
TRIG - 74, previous 108

My Doctor seemed puzzled when I told him what I was doing differently but he congratulated me and told me to keep it up. There is no more talk of medications.
As a side-note, two years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome and it is worsened with exercise, so this was accomplished with almost no regular exercise at all. I can only imagine how much better it would be if I was able to incorporate an exercise program.