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Thread: Going primal without gall bladder????

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    Going primal without gall bladder????

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    Should this be a problem?

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    Depends. I am gallbaldderless thanks to stupid pregnancy hormones. I've never had digestive problems afterward though no matter what type of diet I am eating. Depends on your body's sensitivity. Doesn't hurt to try!

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    Read this:
    How to Enjoy Bacon without a Gallbladder | Paleo Parents

    It's totally doable, and actually you will be better off.
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    I had my gall bladder out while "low carbing" (Atkins very similar to Primal). Never had an issues except right before the last attack and a few months afterward where my trigger foods (any processed pork, nuts) bothered me for a bit. Was able to go back to my normal high fat, low carb eating. and eat my trigger foods again and still can, no issues.

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    I have no gall bladder and never even considered it an issue to going primal, and nearly 3 months in I feel some much better than before. I had problems with never being full and lethagy after having Gall bladder removed and that's totally solved being primal too
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    I was gassy and bloated as all hell for months after having my gallbladder removed, and still eating mostly primal.

    I bought digestive enzymes and took them with every meal. It made a huge difference. Eventually, I stopped using them.
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