Hi from Queensland, Australia.

I'm not a skeptic, but I will outline exactly my thoughts through this process. And you are welcome to contribute or sling mud as much as you wish.

I'm starting this journey at 101kg (that's about 222lb for the majority of readers out there). I'm 6.1ft so not overly rotund, but certainly a far cry from my ideal weight/physique.

I've today passed one week of Primal living. Well, it would be one week, but Easter took its toll and I managed to consume a few chocolate eggs that were gifted to me, and a couple of snags (sausages) that I later found out to contain flour. Not the best start, but on the whole, and except for that one day, I ate pretty well.

I've got to say though, I'm sick off eggs already! I've had them a variety of ways, and the best for me is as an omelette, with a few veges, bacon and a little cheese. I'm not a very creative guy in the kitchen, so will need to work through that, or perhaps just skip brekkie!

Yesterday was the chocolate/snags feast but the six days prior to that I had dropped 4.5kg (almost 10lb). Sadly yesterdays indulgences added nearly a kilo back on which was disappointing.

I have never been a great exerciser, and this has continued through week one however I do have a 9 month old who I take for a half hour walk in the pram every evening so I have been moving slowly often.

I must say I found the first week better than I predicted. I suffered a little from carb flu on day two with a minor headache, but I cured that with bacon (boom boom). I have also had what I think is described as the fuzziness/foggy head symptom, which eased a couple of days back. I hope after yesterdays splurge with the food I wont have to go through that again.

A positive is my appetite is more under control. A couple of mornings I could have quite easily not had breakfast (more eggs I guess) but have, and then only wanted a shake for lunch.

Another area I thought I would have concerns is my bowel movements. Some diets I've done in the past have played havoc with my in that department. So far, the only difference is I'm now going every other day, so no deal breaker yet.

So pretty good so far, just got to make sure my weight continues heading south. I should probably not look every day, but its just too damn exciting!!

Ill try to get a pic added so I can do the before/after thing.

Thanks for reading.
ps.send me some simple egg recipes or alternatives for breakfast...