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Thread: milk is filtered cow's blood

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    Exclamation milk is filtered cow's blood

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    Picked up Loren Cordain's Paleo book yesterday at the health food store and landed on a page that says that milk is filtered cow's blood.
    The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young - Loren Cordain - Google Books

    Comments, thoughts?

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    milk is delicious filtered blood
    yeah you are

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    If milk is blood, consider me a vampire
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    There are a lot of statement in there that I take issue with. All the info about the hormones and enzymes surviving digesting or even pasteurization seem questionable to me. I'd like to see evidence/references showing that bovine enzymes consumed in milk function outside the GI tract of humans.

    Personally, I do better with no dairy and I think dairy can be an issue for lots of women who want to lose weight. But I find this kind of writing to be unconvincing. Describing it as filtered cow blood just seems like a scare tactic. Meat could be described as solidified cow blood if you really wanted to.
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    And what might be wrong with consuming cows blood?
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    That's BS. By the way, have you seen Cordain lately? Doesn't appear to be the picture of health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    milk is delicious filtered blood
    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    And what might be wrong with consuming cows blood?
    , it's very nutritious!

    Assuming that any of that might be true... see A., and then see B.

    That is all.

    Also See what PMAC said... it's bunk. Those two bodily liquids actually have surprisingly little in common... other than being made through bodily processes... as is/was your ENTIRE body. Geez.
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    Human breastmilk is made from the nutrients in human blood. It's just the biological process. They have even (terrifyingly, imo) genetically modified cows to make milk with the same nutrients and fat content as human milk.

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    Yes, I was just going to point out that I fed my two kids my own blood for a year each.
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    Maybe it technically is. And when it comes from happy properly cared for cows it is absolutely delicious. Just had some and damn it was good.

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