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Thread: Is that what I'm going to feel like when I eat pizza???

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    Is that what I'm going to feel like when I eat pizza???

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    Been about 75% primal for the last 4-5 months and especially good over the last 2-3 weeks. Broke down last night though and had pizza. I don't know if I can blame it on the pizza, but when I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd been in a car accident. My whole body just ached. I had a bad headache. My eyes were all swollen. My allergies were bad. I just felt like I was in a fog and hungover. I actualy had to go back to bed for about an hour at noon. I didn't feel back to "normal" until about 2 o'clock.

    Could this possibly be from the pizza?

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    yeah dude, I gave in today and had some easter chocolate, jelly beans, and ice cream. I feel like a fucking zombie. I cheat whenever I want to without really halting my progress much, but it's rarely ever worth it. None of it ever tastes that good anyways.
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    Yes. There seems to be a period following elimination of grains where people really react badly to them (particularly gluten) following consumption. For many people this is temporary. After a while, you can have little bits without things going in to overdrive. I think it takes at least for your immune system to really calm down.
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    I have this with dairy, I lost a good two days of body pain, so weird. Never had such a thing in the past.
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    Yes, it would be the pizza. I feel the same 'hungover' feelling if I eat chocolate after not eating it for a long time. I might as well have been drinking instead. BUT. if I continue eating badly (not paleo), I get use to it and don't feel bad anymore. I get use to the sluggish tired feeling. Untill it gets so bad that I have to force my self off the grains again. Its really is addictive the processed carbs are.. I love then and hate them!

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    Grains are poison. Your immune system is now overloaded. Just think of the damage you were doing to your body before PB!
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    I used to get this, and now I don't. I don't know what changed but I can eat pizza, ice cream, chips, pretty much whatever now without feeling like crap. Last year if I ate pizza I would feel like a truck hit me later on.
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    Wow that is interesting. i guess i am going through that susceptible phase too. Felt awful after eating a quesadilla a couple days ago.

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    Yes, yes it is. Your body was likely always going through symptoms, but they were masked because you had 'adapted' and you didn't have the contrast of being 'clean'. it may or may not be easier to have 'cheats' after you have been primal for a longer period of time. Take care, and when you get these reactions, use them for good: to remind yourself how much better you feel when you are eating well.

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    Oh yes. The stuff int he pizza causes inflammation. When the inflammation is constant, you get a certain... tolerance?... of it. ONce you have moved away from foods that inflame you, and then eat it again, you feel the full effects of the inflammation. All of what you described is simply symptoms of that inflammation.

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