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Thread: Primal Journal (Angelique)

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    Talking Primal Journal (Angelique)

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    Hi. My name is Angelique. I'm 40 yrs old and heavier than I've ever been at 225 pounds. Time to make a change!!!!! I've been reading about pb, trying new recipes, and walking this past week. Just testing the waters I guess. Tomorrow, I get started 100% primal. I'll post more tomorrow. See ya then.

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    Good Luck!
    There's plenty of good advice and support here. Always remember, regardless of any little slips ups or delays, you CAN do it! :-)

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    I'm new too -- I'll be cheering you along!

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    Thanks for the support Hugh and Chatty. I'm gonna need it!!!!!

    Day 1

    B- diet coke ( um, I know, I know)
    L- beef tenderloin on top of big salad with balsamic vinegar/oil
    S- salmon patty fried in coconut oil, green beans with butter, avocado, few bites fo cantaloupe

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