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Thread: Whats in your garden?

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    Whats in your garden?

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    Just planted my two little gardens yesterday... Tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, arugula, carrots, squash, zuchinni, romaine, green spring onions, red and yellow onions, chives, asparagus, green and purple basil. Feeling great about my efforts thus far... additional herb garden in some bare mulch spots in the front yard to come.

    Also planted 2 fig trees and an apple tree. My new goal is to not plant anything that doesnt produce food for the family.

    So excited about it. Anyone else been having a planting frenzy?

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    Apr 2012
    Your efforts sound wonderful. I'm also concentrating on planting "food."

    3 plum trees, 5 blueberry, 1 fig so far.
    I added a dwarf blueberry in a flower bed.
    I use the Earthbox self-watering system and love it. EarthBox
    In those boxes, I have 4 sweet banana peppers, 2 green bell peppers, 10 tomato plants, 3 Italian beans I can't spell, 3 cucumbers for slicing, 2 lemon cucumbers (first time trying them-- they're yellow and round), radishes

    I made some self-watering 55-gallon BARRELS that work well
    (idea was from here: Earth Box from a Plastic Barrel
    He cuts his in 1/2, but I left mine whole) Scroll down and the photo with lattice support is mine!
    In those, I have 3 cantaloupe, 3 yellow watermelon, and sweet cherry tomatoes.

    ........and still trying to landscape my new house (which is great exercise lately).

    This fall, I'm going to plant a TON OF SPINACH and other leafy veggies for myself (use some type of covering to see how long toward winter I can keep producing). This past winter was so mild, I could have easily grown them all winter long.

    I'm excited about it too -- lugging around soil, fertilizer, lime and such fits right in with "lift heavy things"

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    May 2009
    What do I have in my garden? At least two raccoons and a million and one squirrels. I may not be able to have a garden this year because of those damned raccoons. (We did nab the 'possum living on our roof.)

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    Santa Barbara
    Heh heh, we have gophers plus raccoons and possums. But we also have 8 40-foot avocado trees, a passion fruit vine, a lime and a tangerine tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonmamma View Post
    What do I have in my garden? At least two raccoons and a million and one squirrels. I may not be able to have a garden this year because of those damned raccoons. (We did nab the 'possum living on our roof.)
    Maybe you can eat the squirrels and raccoons?

    In my garden I now have nice tasting, dark green chives popping up from last year. And soon there will be lemon balm, mint, raspberry and strawberries popping up. I would like to have apple trees, cherries and pears also... They grow fine in this colder climate with relatively long winters.
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    Mar 2012
    Perth, Western Australia
    Everything in my garden dies My bf and I are hopeless.

    We have a thriving mint plant, but that's it. Good for mojitos though!!

    I dream a future when I live in the Italian countryside with hens and goats and a veggie garden, where hopefully stuff grows!

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    I plant early because I'm in the desert, so it get warm early and hot way too soon. I started mine back in mid-February.

    I've got a few Roma tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, Anaheim pepper, a few different kinds of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, cucumber, zucchini and a bunch of herbs.

    No actual harvesting yet except for some Nevada lettuce that grows insanely well here.

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    Jan 2012
    central FL
    Sand... there is sand in my garden.
    Seriously! FL has issues... heat, humidity, NEMATODES. LOL

    I grow herbs in pots... and will be growing some okra because it's really hard to get good and fresh and it can take the heat.
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    I had two destructive dogs in mine but we put up a welded wire fence until they and the plants mature. I have spinach, sorrel, two kinds of lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, organic cherry tomatoes, zucchini, some volunteer spaghetti squash, red, yellow and green peppers, two kinds of string beans, peas, two kinds of radish, horseradish, green and purple basil, red perilla, oregano, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm and stevia. I hopefully will have some chives but I may have screwed up seeding.

    I also have lots of ornamentals and have more on order.

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    Goddamn purple deadnettle which is a pita to pull out. I also have garlic which I planted last fall and some collards which I also planted last fall. I had some rosemary and thyme, but dh mistakenly dug it up. It's too early to plant tomatoes here. I have some growing under lights to plant later if I can get the deadnettle pulled out. And I also have a blueberry plant which has never produced anything.

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