I came across a book that described how, what are now thought of as "normal" iron levels in the blood may actually be excessive. It wouldn't be the first time CW is wrong of course. Turns out the iron ions in the blood are essential for the formation of free radicals, accelerated aging's best friend.

This seems to be an emerging area of research, but possibly quite relevant to the Paleo diet.
Here's a link (not the book I found) that gives a basic overview of the connection:

Centenarians - More Differences Between the Sexes | HealthandAge – Medical Articles and News for Health in Aging > Live Well, Live Longer

The book I found went into more detail about statistics showing how post-menopausal women begin to have the same rate of cardiovascular disease as men of the same age. Pre-menopausal women have statistically lower rates of cardio related disease than men of the same age.

Of course red meat is red because of the iron content in the blood.
So, finishing the logic here, consuming red meat elevates iron levels in the blood.
Elevated blood iron levels accelerates aging due to the enhanced rate of free radical formation.

Does anybody know any more about this topic? Please share if so.