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Thread: Low blood sugar issues 10 days into PB.

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    Low blood sugar issues 10 days into PB.

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    I'm 10 days into this and have been very strict with no grains/dairy and averaging 85/carbs per day. I've had three crashes in the past three days (varying times) while eating/snacking properly. I felt near fainting during the first occurrence (while working at an end-user site). That instance remains my only cheat (skittles). Is this common or am I missing something?

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    I think you just need to be patient. It took me about 6 weeks to stop having radical glucose swings. Make sure you are eating a good filling amount of protein and fat at each meal to reduce the insulin response. Could carry something like a banana for when you get low blood sugars.

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    How much fat are you eating and how much protein (if you are counting carbs then are you using a program that gives you the rest?). If you are only counting carbs then just eat meat and fat and veg.

    It can take a while to get used to it - eat fruit instead of sugar but better yet eat meat and fat
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    Are you actually measuring your blood glucose? If not, and your symptoms are getting dizzy or lightheaded when rising quickly or something of the like, you are not having blood glucose issues, you are having low blood pressure issues which are a common party of any low carb diet. Eat more salt, low carbing causes you to excrete most of the salt and water you consume so you actually have to offset that by eating more sodium. I have seen recommendations of up to 5000mg a day, but for most people just adding more sea salt to food and eating broth 1-2 times a day fixes this issue.

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    Subbing! I'd like to know, too.
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    Completely normal....your body is used to getting more carbs than it needs when you eat CW, so it learns to burn those off quickly...if you are reducing those sugars, refined carbs, etc and eating PB, your body takes a while to get the 'signal' that more carbs aren't necessarily coming. I also had low blood sugar symptoms when I started, up to 2 weeks worth, and if I fall off the wagon and eat bad for a weekend, it usually will take a couple of days for my body to readjust once I go back to PB. No worries, it will pass and you will feel GREAT.

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