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Thread: Primal Journal - Lizard

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    Primal Journal - Lizard

    I've been following the Primal blueprint for 2 weeks.

    More details about myself;
    Women (32 years) Very active
    SW 130lbs / Height 5.4f (previous weight 121lbs in March 2011)
    CW 128.5lbs
    GW 121lbs (And to avoid cheese (my down fall) and nuts as much as possible)

    I haven't been eating red meat & eggs for 20 years (only fish & chicken) and started to add eggs to my diet again about 6mnths ago and the last 15 years I NO FAT in my diet like olive oil, avo & nuts....

    For 4 years I maintained a ideal weight of 121lbs and felt great and had great muscle definition. Since a 1 year ago I started gaining weight, discovered I had a underative thyroid (low T3) and got medication Diotroxin but didn't feel much better since using it and gained 9lbs. Had another blood test 3 mnths ago and Thyroid seems normal but my testosterone levels are very low for a women my age and my brain hormone also low.

    Results so far;
    Energy bunny & feeling great
    Less cravings
    Less water retension
    Softer skin
    Less IBS (if I avoid nuts)
    AND AND AND much more...

    I been wheat & soda free for two weeks, but still enjoy my diary and my red wine.

    Fat - 47.8%
    Pro - 35.2%
    Carb - 17% (A bit high, cause I only had dinner yesterday after feeling VERY ILL from coffee with CREAM the morning uuhhh)

    I had a hard week of exercise behind me, so I only had a 45min walk today with our dog.
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    Nobody can imprison your power of imagination.

    Restarted the journey:
    SW: 153lbs (Starting date - 05/08/2013)
    CW: 146lbs (13/08/2013)
    GW: 130lbs

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