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Thread: Opting out of Health Care, Primally.

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    Everything has it's appropriate place, function, and context. A lot of people are upset about western, and rightfully so. But, let's not confuse medicine in America with medicine in the rest of the world. The medicine itself isn't bad, but the political/economic interest that drives the machine (and dictates education), is. No wonder that people are flying to India to have their life-saving surgeries.

    Medicine has only ever been in small part a reflections of the necessities of the time. It's more influenced by the politics/ideology of the time, (and that comes down to money and power). This is true of all of the great systems of medical thought; oriental, ayruvedic, greek, and western. the fact that oriental and ayurvedic are wholistic and non-reductionist simply reflects the cultural mindset.

    Western medicine became reductionist during the enlightenment (and in so doing, lost much of the european herbal tradition, because it could not be explained with reductionist theories). It then quickly progressed to battlefield medicine - which is really just trying to keep people alive, (which is also why it specializes in surgeries and removing things). Sometime thereafter the teaching institutions became funded by (and thus co-opted by) the new pharmaceutical industries. This was the final nail in the coffin of the traditional, european, herbal medicine.

    I bring all of this up to point out that we all get upset (and rightfully so), that western medicine is not preventative, and that it is so ridiculously expensive. However, looking at the ideological and political framework that its based on, it couldn't be any other way.

    and in this sense, western medicine is only a symptom of a societal/ideological disease. this disease also manifests as; the western diet, the wall street bail out and bonuses, the largest wealth and income gap of any country in the history of the planet (even more than pre-french revolutionary france), the largest percentage of the population in prison, a rapidly dwindling middle class, a collapsing commercial real estate market, the loss of habeus corpus, and on and on and on.

    The point being, if the focus remains only on health care, without seeing the bigger picture, then this is nothing more than treating the symptom of a societal disease, instead of the disease itself. Suddenly, we're treating this issue the same way as a western doctor treats our illnesses - ibuprofen.

    So, we're dropping out of the western diet, and western medicine (and I'm right there with you), but what about everything else?

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    What about everything else?

    We, as a world, are wealthier in all regards than at any other point in recorded history.

    Even with exploding populations, the prices of food products have fallen dramatically around the world.

    Rates of starvation and child malnutrition have gone down worldwide, in developing countries as well as developed countries.

    Improvements in technology have made us safer, more productive, and more connected than at any point in history.

    There are fewer instances of famine or epidemic diseases than ever before.

    The lot of the poorest has improved as has the lot of the richest.

    The ability to participate and trade in markets with other agents has always improved the lot of humanity, and the fewer restrictions on these markets and agents, the greater the benefits for all involved.

    So, I'm with you, Monk on the direction of health care, but what do you propose to do about "everything else?"

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    And I restate my earlier question, how does this discussion relate to the goal of this site of improving people's health and wellness by following the primal blueprint?

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